My Little Secret

A good puzzle, it’s a fair thing. Nobody’s lying.
It’s very clear and the problem depends just on you. – Erno Rubik



written & edited by 
Kendall F. Person

Mary texted Marcus asking “When are you leaving your wife?”
Marsha intercepted the text, for she was using Marcus’ phone.
Marsha texted back saying “Leave my man alone!”
Mimi read both texts, on her computer screen,
then texted back announcing she was
Marcus’s spouse, then inquired
“What bitch is using, my husband’s phone?!”
Mary was confused, about who Marsha could be.
She knew about Mimi, but had no idea that Marcus
was a two-timer times three.
Marsha threw the phone belonging to Marcus, against the wall,
mad at herself for being a part of such mess.
Melanie received her text from Mary, her best friend, stating
“Girl, his wife knows. Shits hittin’ the fan.”
Melanie freaked out, unsure what to do.
How did Mary know that she was seeing Marcus too?
So Melanie texted Marsha, her sister and closest confidant
and told her what was happening.
Marsha thought, “That son-of-a-bitch was having my sister too.”
Marsha texted Mike, a 300 pound titan, big brother to the two,
while he huffed and he puffed, about what he would do to the brute,
it was all just a bluff, for he owed Marcus a hell of a lot of loot.
Mike texted Mickey, his right hand man, “I can’t be involved, but take care of this man.”
Mickey, texted Mary, his beautiful wife, “I will be late for dinner, business.”
Then turned his cellphone off.
It was Mary’s turned to panic, wondering, “How could he know?”
She wanted to text Marcus, but Marsha had his phone.
Instead, she texted Martin – 1st cousin to Marcus- saying, “I have a problem.”
Martin texted back, “Not now. I have problems of my own.”
Martin was texting Mimi, the love of his life.
Mimi ignored his text, because Marcus was pulling up outside.
Martin could no longer stand Mimi being in Marcus’ arms.
Loaded his gun and headed out his door.
Mary was in love, and thought Marcus belonged to her.
She grabbed her Smith & Wesson, loading it with intent.
Melanie was vindictive and thought “He isn’t getting away with this.”
Mike remembered his promise to their father, “Always protect your sisters.”
Marcus held flowers behind his back.
Mimi thought he aimed to kill her, and ran for the rifle stack.
All directions, from whence they came.
Scorned lovers, big brothers, husbands and wives
all-in a dangerous game.
It happened so fast, hard to say who fired first
bullets bounced and ricocheted through the nighttime air.
When all the dust had settled, only two left standing
….Marcus and Mimi his wife.

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