2015 Song of the Year

and the Nominees are

2013 Lonely World by PShaw

2014 I Deserve That by Hussle Crowe


One good thing about music,
when it hits you, you feel no pain.
– Bob Marley

2015 Nominees



Morissaaa Raw Then Tic

Morissaaa ‘Raw Then Tic’


Morissaaa is a knockout and if there were a category for best new find of 2015, there would have only been one Nominee.

Nominated for Song of the Year for Raw Then Tic by Morissaaa


game of elimination



Black Hollow

Music royalty is what you are looking for? Look no further than Hussle Crowe. He has dominated The Neighborhood’s music scene since 2013, culminating at the 2014 thepublicblogger Awards where he delivered a knockout blow by unanimously winning Song of the Year.

For the 3rd consecutive year, Hussle Crowe along with Billionaire Bossy & LiveSosa has been nominated for Song of the Year, this time with Feel Us.




2015 Nominees

H-Y Loco
H-Y Loco is a true performance artists. He writes, sings, raps and his stage presence makes his audiences scream and shout.

Nominated for Song of the Year… Cant git out by Hustle Rhythm Soul featuring H-Y Loco.




2015 Nominees


JP Kallio

J.P. Kallio Dublin Ireland

J.P. Kallio’s music is often reflective, putting it in a genre of folk-rock. But Losing Faith is in a class of its own; like last year’s winner, J.P. tells a story, that is haunting as it is beautiful.

Nominated for Song of the Year… Losing Faith by J.P. Kallio


game of elimination

Anew(Duo) the sister contemporary gospel recording group from Chicago Illinois are simply profound in their harmonies, lyrics and sense of reach. Never Let Me Down is a textbook of collaborative musical genres as it is just as much hip hop as gospel.

Nominated for Song of the Year, Anew(Duo) with Never Let Me Down


game of elimination



John B Strong
The surprise nomination of John B Strong aka John Doe has caused the most discomfort among the voting quadrants,  even  raising an official objection which was quickly struck down. John B Strong may not have the musical prowess of the heavy hitting nominees, but his rapid fire style of storytelling is gold.

Nominated for Song of the Year, John Doe with Jabee & Takeoff with Hold’em Fold’em





game of elimination


Mariam Ali Eve's Lament

Mariam Ali

Eve’s Lament by Mariam Ali featuring Tamara Yousry is as heartbreaking as it is brilliant. The way we find ourselves falling deeper and deeper  into the lyrics and melody is a testament to powerhouse music making.

Nominated for Song of the Year, Eve’s Lament by Mariam Ali


2015 Nominees

And the Winner is….. Dec 30th @ the 2015 Season-ending Show

A Star is Born

Song of the Year


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