Fear Tree

“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.” –  Ralph Waldo Emerson




Why do we call the lion king of all beasts? It is not because he is the strongest. There are many animals in the wild kingdom, that would crush him, but they do not eat meat. It is not because he is the most ferocious. Polar bears and the great white shark would devour him. They simply do not exist on the same turf.  And by no means, is he the most deadly. Legend has it, that one sting from the box jellyfish, has its victims screaming, long after they have passed out. And the mantle for the most murderous, certainly belongs to man. But the lion: It is factual, once the former king is overthrown, the new ruler will kill all cubs of the vanquished leader – in cold blood, no less. But even this brutal form of infanticide is based upon reason. The females of the pride, become of heat, leading to an obsessive mating ritual, offering assurances of survival of the species, as the stronger lions’ genes are passed down.

Lions are king because they fear not a thing, and thus have no secrets to keep. When a coalition crosses the clearly marked barrier into a rival’s territory, every lion in the pride knows exactly what hell they bring.  A 2000 pound, full grown male buffalo either runs or stands his ground and prepares to fight, for a lion does not hide the fact he is hungry, and nor is he timid about announcing what he intends to eat.

No secrets. No lies. No skeletons hidden in the jungles, so to speak. And yet, in spite of constant warfare over territory and lineage; a never ending hunt for food, tormented by relentless droughts, and a ruthless rivalry with the laughing hyenas, the lion still rules.


The Fear Inside When There is Nothing Too Hide
by Kendall F. Person

Plato QuoteFurther up the food chain, in fact, at the very top, stands the homo sapiens, more commonly known as man. Minds so complex, we have no idea what we will think up next. Hearts so warm and caring, strangers will raise another man’s child, we call them step-parents. Family bonds so strong, love flows through bloodlines, enduring us to kin, that we have never laid eyes upon. Bravery within our soldiers. Nurturing are our mothers. Our teachers are sharing, volunteers are caring, spirits, daring and our bodies conquer mind-boggling feats.

We are not a perfect species, not by any stretch. While our minds snap and our hearts break. Our bones crack and bodies decay, but, as in the wild, nature must take its course and does not describe the imperfections of man. Imperfections are found deep within. Hidden inside closets that contain no key. It belongs to no evil force, because I believe, most humans are of goodwill. Nor is it the decay of society, since wars and societal differences are clearly defined in whichever history book we find most trusting. The root cause of dysfunction is the fear of shame.Fear Tree

Shame of losing our fortunes lead healthy, productive men to jump from skyscrapers. Shame of being hungry, so we steal, rather than ask our neighbor to break bread. And shame of our addictions, so we live in dysfunction, rather than seeking help. We tell lies about our bruises, for fear of what our neighbors will think. We create personas of who we are, because we are ashamed of who we be. We hide our sexuality and suffocate inside some closet, We purge documents, instead of admitting to our mistakes. We make false allegations to save face, and turn our back on the innocent, paying for our mistake, We cheat on our spouses, rather than work on an unhappy marriage. Then we take all of our secrets, and bury them real deep. Then turn our perceived shortcomings around, and judge others for not being perfect like me. Gossip in the tabloids, sales like hotcakes. Shock and awe is our reaction, but inside we know, our worlds are challenged with the exact same things.

There once walked a man – I speak only of my belief, no stones thrown or doubts cast at those of a different faith – who lived in a glass house. He held no secrets, and agenda was transparent. So secrets turned lies where concocted about Him. Sincerity in the non-belief or overpowered by their own secrets of shame, of which He can to release?

No reason to fear what is inside, for we have nothing more to hide… then thy neighbor..



Hussle, P-Shaw & Mulaarie w/ OUT DA STRUGGLE


  1. Whether intentional or not, this came at the perfect time for a lot of us nominees at A Star is Born. Thanks, Kendall — brilliant and inspiring, my friend.

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  2. Are you trying to tell me something? LOL I feel like this was reposted for me. 🙂 Even if it wasn’t, it was a good read, so I’m glad you did.

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    • So glad you read it. For whatever reason, I thought it was needed and unplanned, just decided to re-edit and re-run. and many voices are echoing the same sentiment, so glad I did.

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  4. I was taught to express and within this freedom from many people I have learned the joys of expression!!!! Well written and much wisdom in your thoughts!!!! May what we learn be taught and the freedom of expression be felt. Shame is despair in something. I hope this despair when felt is relieved and together transformed into a higher purpose

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  6. In Heaven stays spirit.
    Physical world, baby toe in.
    Door open, see you.
    Your kitchen table, 
    Arms open spread. 
    All Welcoming. 
    Blessed thanks. 


  7. We are often afraid to disburden our mind of a secret due to a fear of being judged or misunderstood by others, and that enchains our will. Accepting our imperfections we open the door to our freedom.


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