Falling Star: Send in the Clown – 3rd Stage Fall

Please welcome VVS Stone & Fiq performing Moving On the Official A Star is Born theme song.

A Star is Born – Round Three An All Around Artist


Falling Star

falling star


falling star


Send in the Clown

send in clown
Updated in real time
12:45 PM PST

The Decision Stands

H-Y Loco you have one final reprieve. As holders of the Silver Chase, Rebecca Lemke and Oscar Plascencia are now your last shimmer of hope.  (Updated in real time at 1:00 PM PST)


Updated in real time
1:00 PM PST

The Decision Stands
H-Y Loco has been thrown from the stage


  1. Wow ur a star! N u were following me on WordPress. com. Did not n still don’t know much about blogging as I’m new. But I’ve moved to beautytalkwithsaadia.com by wordpress n would appreciate if u subscribed 🙂 have a great day!


  2. At 49, I still don’t need glasses; but I didn’t see this coming. All of the artists in this week’s challenge “brought it.” And the judges really added a degree of intensity and pressure. My congrats to everyone for making this the best, most exciting week yet.

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