#TAG: The Neighborhood Anthology Ed. V – No Contribution, Artist FROZEN OUT


cover image Icebergwash courtesy of Cool Antarctica

Jedi mind tricks don’t work here. – Star Wars

The Long Way by Maryann produced by SBVCE

#TAG Rule of Engagement No. 2:
Once IN – either contribute or be FROZEN OUT


If the game of #TAG was the focus, and the contribution was in support of, Symone Brown would have still been FROZEN OUT. On the eve of its start, she simply was unprepared, gracefully pulling out, therefore no edition runs blank with her name.

The Neighborhood Anthology on Leadership & Authority has always been about the contribution, and even if the game were the main attraction, #TAG – contrary to its childhood namesake – was built as a team sport; an artists collaboration, delivered as performance art, with a mission of change.

Rather Tobe Damit had always planned to go it alone, relished the idea of spoiler or bad boy, or if the idea was just an epiphany, it only makes a difference, if the means need to justify the ends, and they do not.  #TAG has two built-in exits, and Tobe Damit chose the one marked FROZEN, breaking ranks only hours before his curtain call, deciding to publish on his blog.

His one man rebellion clashes with his adoration and longing to be a part of The Neighborhood, which he loves, but by connection. While Rebel Rebel!! may have the length and feel of an endless manifesto, and on some levels, it is, there are history lessons and moments of marked frustration, and targeted examples of Leadership and Authority. So I imagine, FROZEN is what the ‘Rebel Rebel! was after all along.


Robert Webster

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  4. Wha? that was interesting… but a game without rules is like a poem without words… A collaboration without cooperation is like a heap of garbage. Nothing like a good FREEZE to keep down the stench.

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  5. When I joined #TAG I clearly understood that I would have to track the different posts made by the other members of the team…that I would have to write something that also transitioned from their voice to mine, and that I would have to write a piece about leadership and authority that incorporated the Neighborhood’s vision of a community of people united in common cause.

    As the moderator of several fine arts groups I often see this kind of anger on Flickr.

    There are different categories of art and it is my job as the moderator to know which category of art to accept.

    For reasons that mystify me, Second Life advertisers are deeply offended when I remove ads for virtual breast enhancement from a fine art group.

    And that stuff isn’t even close to the brilliance of ‘Rebel Rebel.”

    The most brilliantly written assertion that we are our own authority and that ultimately in a corrupt system it is every man for himself is out of place in an art show that is designed to showcase the idea that we live in communion with each other and that we can do better than an uncaring world in which it is every man for himself.

    Do I agree with the assertion that this world is corrupt? I do. Do I think that it has always and will always be like this? I don’t.

    What I like most about the neighborhood is the idea of a community of people who are linked in time and space by the desire for a world that is less cruel, more aware of the common good, that respects individual liberty, but not as an excuse for doing nothing, and certainly not at the price of the lives of our children and their right to a future.

    I read and liked “Rebel Rebel” even as I understood that it was thematically at odds with #TAG.

    Even if “Rebel Rebel” had more views and more likes than all of the work produced by the members of #TAG it is still be thematically at odds with the production that Kendall organized.

    The issue here is not whether the writing is good…The question is whether Kendall is obligated to accept a work that is off theme.

    “Rebel Rebel” is brilliant but out of place in a production designed to promote the idea of community.

    The members of #TAG must demonstrate what it means to collaborate as a community of artists and writers.

    An analogy is a Picasso from his Cubist period in a show about the art of the Renaissance.

    The argument that Kendall has somehow behaved inconsistently is not logical given that his rules for being a part of #TAG are not vague.

    This is not meant to offend or call out anyone.

    I like everyone I’ve had the pleasure to meet through the Neighborhood.

    I’m describing what I see as an upset based on a lapse in logic.

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    • Why do people always focus on who is right and who is wrong???? I think my post was incredibly misunderstood… Like to a point I cannot, myself understand. BUT this has never been the issue to me. I can always say let’s agree to disagree and I will be fine with it. I said over and over what was VERY offensive and hurtfull, trying to get some kind of apologies for THE WAY this was handled, the lack of care and respect anyone deserves. I am done trying to be treated with the basic minimum requirements here that I would expect ANYWHERE and I’m going to let you guys have fun between yourselves, I did not want to intrude. I do not feel I got from the community any of that respect, love, friendship, honesty, tolerance and other values that are required in any well intentionned healthy welcoming group. If someone would have just said look we are sorry for this and that in the same loud and public manner I was bashed, trashed and thrown out like a cockroach. It would have been ok. But no instead I get told in private that It was all planned right from the start. WOW!! Well that’s really comforting!! Of course I now have lost all faith and would never be able to trust some people here and furthermore would have difficulties talking to the ones I do not know because this has become a some kind of civil war apparently ( I had no idea!! It was a well keep secret, congrats!) so I don’t know about you but it looks pretty bleak to me. You have managed to make me go from willing to work 10 hours to make a nice contribution to the community to wanting to leave and doing so with the certainety that I will hear huge sighs of relief as I am on my way out. That being said, I hold no grudges, I am not mad at anyone. TY for the very few who tried to get to know me. TY so, so much!!! you know who you are. I was hoping to see this as the begining but it seems to me that it is rather The End. Peace Out!

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  6. Very interesting experiment where you get to see if people walk the walk or if they just talk the talk…. 87 people and counting liked this and I am curious to know how many of them actually read the article. Just curious..Like I said, I’m ok with being frozen… For the record though…I never had this planned from the start. I would never do such a thing. Actually I have been told it is actually quite the opposite…. Apparently I just got casted without me knowing so in the part of the vilain. ”The story within the story was developed for the ‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show, and the cast members loved it, even when it was less than favorable. When I read what you wrote, it all hit me at once, and hence the apology for missing that find point, of not explaining the show extends beyond the blogging community. The game, its over, no rehash I that needed. And all the reasons why you thought I invited you in are true. My half sister got voted out of the Reality Show in Round 4 and was so angry at me, she didn’t speak for 3 days. But when I reminded her that getting voted off was part of the game even before she signed on, she pondered then smile and said I remember, and it was over The Neighborhood shows, I treat and deliver as if they are Performance Art.”-Kendall F Person in a email I received on 06/09/2015

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    • I remember speaking with my young sister afterward, it was fun recapping and listening to her stories about the new people she met through the show. After giving everyone in The #TAG Group the option to opt out, two of the collaborators actually took it. I remember the first one where you were mentioned and you shared. Hope you have met at least one person via The Neighborhood so that your experiences here were not all a waste of your time. Thank you for adding your voice… and mine.

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      • This is all very nice and you managed to avoid saying you were sorry for trashinhg my name, not being honest from the get go and abusing your authority. Hats off. Problem is some people actually care what people think about them and I felt really bad, as anyone would. I’m so sorry to say that still doesn’t sit with me well Kendall.


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    • Nothing at all wrong with the presentation. In fact, I’ve linked and liked it, but there is something to be said about teamwork and respect and looking out for one another. So to ride the waves of TAG and then decide every man for himself, was the unfortunate part which is why he was FROZEN

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