‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show episode 4: The Artists Collaboration Round

cover End of another day, in the city that never sleeps
by Photographer Malinda Rathnayake

monologue What is Art? by Fran Daddy



The Neighborhood

We are grasshoppers our entire life. For even a master in one craft is a student in the other. Understanding the importance and the value of always learning, of thinking big and of knowing when to talk and when to listen, may be the key to our ultimate success. Do not be ashamed to know what you do not know, and be proud of  the grasshopper inside. It is the only path to becoming the butterfly. – thepublicblogger, Grasshopper

the lives we live a reality show


Celonacharles Okpere Iphy

Capturing the moment you are inspired is what inspires me. – Keyur Panchal

One day by eLDee courtesy eLDee SoundCloud

keyur panchalYou question your passion as you watch it fade
Do you join this troubled ship
Carrying practitioners of ‘month’s end wage’
“A stereotypical flow” the wise ones called it
Imposed on young minds
It’s constant rage now makes you ask out loud
“Would I ever agree to an attitude of gratitude”

You try stepping over of this flame
All you gain is more hate and blame
Makes you feel locked up in a cage
Ability to reason straight put to a halt
It’s like face-to-face with your angels and demons
Staying sane almost a daunting task
All I plea you do
Is give gratitude from where you stay

Fake friends and family cold shoulder barecelonacharles
Instant panic when frustration scares
Hope finds it hard to shine in midst of fears
Almost everything seems to point a spear
All you have left are tears from tears
Just silently give gratitude from where you stay

They tagged you “prospect” till this very day
All your attempt was to make hay
This makes you ask “when do I hit star mark”
You keep trying to shine the light
But feels like lost in forest of pine
Gratitude still from where you stay

artists collaborationWhatever the storm you befall
Should stand as a challenge for us all
Keep playing the strings to words of gratitude
Not choosing to recall the past
Even when empty pockets brings compulsory fast
Gratitude still from spot you lay

When it all seems to be “life at the bottom”
Reality making you real mad
You watch “easy times” speedily leave your grasp
Inflicting pain like sting of wasp
In one accord let’s still set sights on things above
Things that teaches that attitude of gratitude.


clifton & marla davis

Indwelling Sin courtesy of Lecrae SoundCloud

Sometimes a mask hides the Sin.
It is not easy to see the truth behind a smile.
Gabor Dvornik

love compassion faith

Clifton to Marla
Let all that you do be done in love.
Is there anything more powerful than love?
Expressions of love softens hearts.
Continual demonstrations of love forms true bonds between people.
Showing love makes deposits into the emotional bank of others.

Marla to Clifton
To some, you must be compassionate because they are wavering.
There are those you must save by snatching them from the fire,
To others you must be understanding but wary
hating even the tunic stained by their bodies.
It is very difficult to hate the sin but love the sinner*
especially when we find the sinner in the mirror.

the angel of temptation

The Angel of Temptation, Brother of Sin will lie you colorful tales. Can you make a difference between truth and fake tales? Can you withstand temptation? At the end of your road, in front of those gates – you will have to answer, only you. And bear the consequences. Accepting the verdict.

The thought of my trials being a joy is a stretch.
hiding my head like an ostrich.
Someone once told me to consider the oyster
and its way of coping with the devil’s tricks: a grain of sand becomes a pearl..

Last Chapter

The Last Chapter

To each master, his own technique… – 7th Born Productions

cover art by Sacramento’s Nacago




The Neighborhood

The Peaceful Protesters Anthem

I write because its my contribution,
my weapon against self-destruction,
my way to light the world,

We have no control over the mongers
nor can we bring back the wrongful dead.
We cannot change a bomber’s mission
whose eyes and heart
have long been dead.

We cannot halt a crime in progress,
nor stop a public servant
from breaking his public’s back.
We can only watch a mob turned frenzied,
burning down stores of hard-working people.
We cannot choose when the lines are drawn
nor order our neighbor to stand on our side.

We will become discouraged
and question our God,
for we are only human
emotional, mortal beings.
And the darkness is a heavy burden
a worthy opponent indeed.

But if we stand together
each shining an individual light
peaceful protest, speeches given,
solutions sought, hate amended
or however our gifts illuminate,
even when we tire or become weary
or the dreaded voices return…

As long as we remember,
no matter how dark it gets
if we continue to contribute
regardless of how meek it appears,
the next time, or the one after that
when the darkness sees it chance,
and starts to fall across the land
the light will be prepared for battle
and finally defeat it.

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Kenderick Lil Ken Johnson

When I look up, what is there to look up to?
As this world consumes me –
like fearsome rivers flowing to the sea –
And I look on, what is there to run to?
I am afraid.
But who is there for me to turn to?
When night turns to day and the haunting voices
in my head turn to faces before my eyes;
Where is there to hide,
as I crawl into the small spaces of my mind.
I seek… But will I find?
Nevy Dames

Born to Win by Anew(Duo)

A friend once asked me, “what audience are you looking to reach with your recent blogging journey & with your music.” The adults of my generation and the kids of our future are the ones I look to inspire most! Seems there is so much negativity in the world today and it makes no sense to me, that’s why I aim to stay positive always, knowing there’s somebody out there watching, that I know nothing about! There may be some kid out there that watches my every move, every Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram post, that looks up to me. Who knows? I’m not perfect but what if this is true! If it is and you’re reading this, I want you to remember these words “one man can change the world.”

I want you to be better than me, inspire your friends to wanna be Chiefs and not just Indians, if that makes sense. Challenge each other in a positive way daily to be the best you can be. Stand up for what you believe in and don’t settle for No if you know what you’re doing is right. You can be successful, but the only way you can do that is by staying focused and controlling your own destiny! Only you can get you there, and I’m not saying it’s going to be easy because I’m still on the path to mine and it’s been hard, but stay focused!!!

In the words of one of my idols Ray Lewis, “Before anything great in your life can be accomplished, your comfort zone must first be disturbed” it’s going to be a test of your character how you respond to the adversity. Also, remember this when you embark on your journey there is always going to be one person you can always depend on to be in your corner and that’s GOD!

Party People

james d. foster

H-Y Loco

H-Y Loco with Party People

Party PeopleParty People

Your Vote Determines The Final Four

Sharing Poll via Facebook & Twitter Option Currently: ON
Total Score:
70% up & down Vote – 30% presentation & participation

*Celonacharles Okpere Iphy has been assessed a 10% Penalty; To be taken off his total score


36 Comments on “‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show episode 4: The Artists Collaboration Round

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  3. One of the beauties of art is when there is a meshing of two of any forms of art. Sir Kendall obviously understands the beauty in this and has made the contestants to merge with other creatives.
    All the contestants are exceptional and quite talented. This reality show has us all on our toes as we look forward to each contestant bringing a new flavour to things we already know and things we do not understand.
    As always, my favourite , Charles never disappoints.
    First, the legendary photographer Keyur is, I must say, a very talented photographer for only a true artist with an eye for detail can capture moments that speak volumes. But what is more interesting is when another artists give words to pictures giving the audience a better understanding of a picture. The combination of these two; Keyur and Charles is beautiful magic. Pictures evoke emotions and Charles has done well to voice these emotions. I am Nigerian and I can totally relate to all of Charles’ words which he carefully fine tuned with the song one of Nigeria’s talented artist Eldee.
    We have come to understand the need to show gratitude. For things could be worse but somehow we are holding it down and that we should be grateful for. I hope to see you at the top Charles. Keep pushing. #we are here for all of us. Good luck to the contestants.

    Liked by 3 people

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    • Hey Marla, in your show you added an asterisks at the end of “…hate the sin but love the sinner*” but I did not find any footnotes for that. Were you intending to make a reference? The line above that is the essence of Jude 1:23 but of course “hate the sin but love the sinner” is not exactly scriptural – I wonder would you say that is the idea expressed in Romans 12: 9?

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Good job everyone!! We are soooooooo excited to have been able to share the way we feel and hope to inspire others out there to not give up and to trust in our heavenly father above#!#

    Liked by 3 people

  7. I was just visiting Keyur Panchal’s website yesterday – love the eye! I was taken by an image on that blog and was glad to see it again bolstering the words of everybody’s friend Charles!

    H-Y Loco and James D Foster put on a great show today, I must say!

    Liked by 3 people

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  9. Clifton and Marla Davis really snagged me today thanks in no small part to the gritty silver mined by Gabor Dvornik and that sound track selection (Indwelling Sin) – A message of love and keeping it real… Great job guys!

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Reblogged this on CELONA'S BLOG and commented:
    #Celonarants™ partnered with Keyur Panchal from India.
    We came up with a collaboration which now a piece of art.

    We need your votes now and please do share and vote as many times as possible..

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