History’s Prize: ‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show – 2nd (3rd) Dismissal

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History is a cyclic poem
written by time
upon the memories of man.
–  Percy Bysshe Shelley

Bryan CatalanRecording Artist Bryan Catalan
Photographer Edward Conde

The Top 3

top 3

Florence Crittenden of Sacramento California, James D. Foster of Fort Mohave Arizona and Clifton & Marla Davis of Denver Colorado, each of you have contributed something special of yourselves and in the process have touched The Neighborhood’s heart. The audience has spoken. Your participation is golden and your storylines will continue unfolding.

The Neighborhood Cash and prizes are wonderful gifts to win. And perhaps, before it is all said and done, a sponsor will come along or maybe a neighbor or philanthropist will see the work we are doing and hit the ‘Donation’ button (big smile). But the nine people who began this quest, knew there was no pot of gold, for no snake oil will ever be sold here. But from different parts of the world they came, nonetheless, drawn in to have their voices heard and wanting to be a part of something bigger then self.

The first Reality Show in a blog – ‘The Lives We Live’, offers no fabulous merchandize like the Price is Right, but Think Big – I often say- how many times do we receive and take the chance to be the first of anything. Living their lives out loud, that is what they are doing, takes guts and heart and a passion, that they may not have even understood. And whoever, you decide to follow all the way through, will not only have shared their story to a fascinated world, but will be the first winner of the first reality show in a blog: History’s Prize.You will still have it, even when that brand new washer wears out.

…I wanted to vote for everyone. – Rob Goldstein

dismissal day

Martina Right of Sacramento California and Kenderick Lil Ken Johnson of Baton Rouge Louisiana. One of you comprehends, that within this artists collaborative, we are controlled by our imagination and each time we take the stage, we deliver the type of performance to make them remember our name. The other, has found comfort and strength and peace here, but has much to learn about patience and plotting of storytelling – even an autobiographical one – and the grassroots effort of promoting oneself. With so many interesting lives to follow, viewers were torn by the emotion versus the nature of the game. But Kenderick Lil Ken Johnson, they chose you, which means Martina Right….  you are in the bottom two.

reality show blog

Celonacharles Okpere Iphy of Lagos Nigeria and Lance Stinson of Lumber City Georgia. Of all nine that started, you two not only have the biggest, but a fan base that loves you. A talented recording artists, who sings Country Never Goes Out of Style with the comfort of a Grand Ole Opry Veteran, but the flavor of a new generation. But his busy schedule, on the road entertaining his fans, has left The Neighborhood guessing, And the other, a young graduate, has found his passion in writing, and one day, he will be the star he longs to be now; Advice is only useful to those who receive it, “Breathe” and then write.” Two very talented people. The unfamiliar audience was undecided and left it up to your fanbase to drive home support.  And no doubt yours, Lance Stinson, would prefer to see you on the road, for you… are in the bottom two.

Thanks to everybody for taking part in this awesome event. – BlogDogIt

dismissal dayThree tiebreaks it took to reach our dismissal. Fan Voting. Social Media engagement and personal engagement. One of you, will continue to tell your story. To the other: Thank you for spending time in The Neighborhood and please know, the pleasure has always been ours.

Lance Stinson
‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show Episode 3
July 29

shout out to Brainy Quotes and BeFunky

11 Comments on “History’s Prize: ‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show – 2nd (3rd) Dismissal

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  2. How exciting! Lance you let me down 😦 I had such high hopes for your strong finish but you know what? That’s okay, they can never take away how cool it was to hear you for the first time… we both have TheNeighborhood to thank for that… Rock-on!

    It is getting fierce – right now it’s hard to say who will go all the way…

    Celonacharles is certainly engaged (can he keep it up?)

    Martina Right? don’t you dare give up now – you have a captive audience – time to drop da’ bomb

    Kenderick Lil Ken Johnson – you set a very high bar… are you ready for the next installment ‘cuz you know we are ready for you!

    Florence Crittenden – I knew when I picked Flower I was picking a winner – let’s see how this garden grows!

    James D. Foster – dude… you got the skills. How are you going to win this thing? That is what I want to know.

    Clifton & Marla Davis – Now It’s two against one times five plus you got magic on your side… You keep bringin’ the real and I’ll keep bringin’ the feel!

    Great show everybody!!
    Kendall… you da’ man! Thanks for the link up there. Keep on keepin’ on!

    Me? I’m just going to keep on Bloggin’ It While Doggin’ It


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  3. To all the contestants that started with me CelonaCharles Okpere Iphy, I am grateful for making this fun, to all that’s still in with me, let’s make this fun..
    Many thanks to those that voted for Lil ken Johnson, that dude makes me feel “at home” on this show.
    Many thanks to my brother and friend Rob Goldstein for bringing his twitter fans to alone, in support of #Celonarants™ .

    Hope we are all having a great show (huge smile)

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  4. Reblogged this on CELONA'S BLOG and commented:
    Now read down through carefully and tell me Kendall Person is not one of the finest orator we have one wordpress..

    The good news is your boy #Celonarants™ is through to the next round of the the first and finest reality show on the blogosphere .
    No time for celebrations yet, let’s make it a ride to the end..

    Hope we having a great day people (big smile)

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