Anew(Duo): the Synchronization of Hip Hop & Gospel


People love gospel music.
It’s calming. It’s soothing.
It gets right to the point
of whatever you’re dealing with.
– Yolanda Adams

Have you ever wondered…..

while inside your chosen House of Worship, and while listening to the word of God or Allah or Jehovah or Nature or whomever you bare witness from, and while the sermon is engulfing the atmosphere, and while you are becoming absorbed in the word of your Higher Power via the voices of your favorite choir, and while your heart fills with joy and the burdens that have weighed you down, seem to release from your soul, and you have never felt better then you do at the moment, when you close your eyes and feel His warmth, instilling you with strength and pride

Have you ever wondered why the struggle in finding our way to such a place, that will never let us down?

from Chicago Illinois, Never Let Me Down by Anew(Duo)

That’s what hip-hop is:
It’s Sociology and English
put to a beat, you know.
– Talib Kweli

Never Let Me Down by underground gospel recording artists Anew(Duo) reminds us of how it feels in knowing, there is always someone or something on our side, that is grounded in the foundation, that holds us up when all we want, is to fall down. Their beautiful voices laid over an enchanting hip hop track is soothing and rhythmic, yet maintains its gospel definition through the poetry of its lyrics even when I could not see my way, he will never let me down  And while the song is contagious, and you may find yourself listening over and over again, do not be concerned as gospel music is meant to uplift and never to tear down.

Anew(duo) has several songs in their catalog, including Celebrate Christ – uptempo, feel good music, billed as a holiday song, but Celebrate Christ feels so good, you will find no challenges in listening, even during the month of June. But Never Let Me Down is the star of their parade. It balances a precarious line, however: hip hop music in the gospel genre. There are times when the music over powers the lyrics, which may alienate traditional gospel critics. But the conviction in their voices from a Higher Power, that has called upon them, and through the synchronization of hip hop & gospel, Anew(Duo) like others in the genre before them, spread the Word to millions of music lovers, that are of the hip-hop generation… but want to hear gospel.

– thepublicblogger


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