a Diamond No Longer in the Rough: IvySoul Has Arrived – a music review

Beautiful music is the art of
the prophets that can calm the
agitations of the soul; it is one
of the most magnificent and
delightful presents God has given us.
– Martin Luther, Brainy Quotes


{press play then close your eyes}

She began her musical journey some years ago. Met with limited success in the local circuit of Philadelphia, she was an upcoming force to be reckoned with, a diamond in the rough. But the entertainment business has its ebbs and flows. With singers like Phyllis Hyman and Anita Baker on the rise, IvySoul would bide her time. Her infectious smile and positive attitude toward life made her a pleasure to work with, but as fate would have it, it was not her time.

She had thought about walking away from her craft. Not giving up on her dream, but rather allowing it to pass. She had no regrets and lived under no storm clouds, but it was a tough business when she was younger, and now as a mature woman, she simply longed to enjoy the sounds of her voice, without the pressure and turmoil of trying to reach the top.

But one day, she would wander into The Neighborhood where she was embraced with open arms, stirring a pot that had started to settle. She writes her own lyrics, selects her own tunes, and when the two are combined under the studio spotlight, she is reborn into a singer that delivers passion within a beating heart.

– a music review by thepublicblogger

17 Comments on “a Diamond No Longer in the Rough: IvySoul Has Arrived – a music review

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  3. If the dream bears within itself the potential of a ministry that changes lives, it’ll pass through the refining process – filled with discouraging thoughts and opposition. Just keep your eyes on the impact of your gifts and talents.

    Also, as always, I LOVE THE PUBLIC BLOGGER’S SHOW… the performance just keeps me hooked.


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  5. As usual well written!! Thank you for sharing the souls strengths.Heard the album,I’m so happy she never gave up on herself.The world would miss her soothing voice and so well written lyrics.GOD shower only strengths on her now.


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