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Evolution & Peace

Evolution and Peace

a spoken essay and visual narrative of the evolution of peace

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Trapped (


Traps do exist, but so do escapes.

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Short Film of the Month ‘A Battle for Peace’ by Joost Jansen

A Battle for Peace

69 seconds and Joost Jansen uses every one to its fullest. But it’s the last 5, that blows our minds.

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July 6, 2016: Defining Moment or Future Game of ‘What if’?

America's Pivotal Moment

Once we know, we can never ignore the fact, we are living in a pivotal moment. Together, we can design a bright path or default into a What if .

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An Angry World: Shooting Death of Philando Castile Marks a National Epidemic

Philado Castile

He never stood down. Even as a human being lay dying in front of a little girl

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