Trapped (


You have been trapped in the inescapable net of ruin,
by your own want of sense. – Aeschylus


from Los Angeles – Bryan Catalan with It’s Alright


In the middle ages, represented from the 5th through the 15th century, jails were not made of cookie-cutter templates, nor were long sentences handed down, since most people did not survive. Taking cues from Caligula, the insane Roman Emperor who terrorized his own subjects until his uneventful assassination, it was not uncommon for a sadistic village ruler to try and convict a poor soul of a crime and then out due the punishment from the last, eventually giving birth to rat torture – the cruelest jail sentence of them all.

The village ruler would summon the guards with a nod of his head. The guards would then order the inmate to lie down on his back, where his limbs were immediately shackled to heavy stakes in the ground. Once secured, the prisoner – at this point – would start begging for dear life. The lead guard would nod back to the village ruler, indicating that the prisoner was secured and of no further threat.
The ruler would then repeat the crimes the prisoner had committed, then order the sentence to be carried out. Lead guard would pick up a metal, removal bottom cage, revealing a ravenous, ill-tempered, giant rat.

Ignoring the pleas of the now insane prisoner, the guards would place the rat’s cage upon the howling man’s stomach, then light a match and set the top of the cage ablaze. Once the prison guards were assured  all other exits were blocked, they would retract the bottom from underneath the cage, placing the rat directly upon his victims’ soft and meaty stomach. Rats, no matter how filthy we believe them to be,  are a very intelligent species. In seconds, the rat would sense the approaching fire, and note, his only way out. Ignoring the screams of the human underneath him, and in an attempt to save its own life, the rat would bite down and begin tunneling his way out.


Trapped by Kendall F. Person


Trapped by indecision. Surrounded in grief. Buried, not by our dreams, but by the thought that we may never reach. Consumed by our addictions, lost in a destructive love, weighed down by historical fears, sated in sowing distrust. Trapped in the headlights, and although there is time to make a move, we stand frozen and stare before crashing into despair. The high-dive is in the distance, which is where we long to be, but our fear of the unknown, blocks all exits to greatness – measured by the person we want to be – so we settle into a cycle and pretend that we are free.

Words of inspiration and stories of how others made it, become abstract and fall upon deaf ears. Every life is different and the burden distribution may in fact be unfair, so we shut down our motivation, and watch our destiny disappear. A true believer in peace, and love and nice and the world’s inhabitants are not heavy, for each is our brother & sister, but we do not exist in never never land, where the magic of the moment always finds beauty victorious in the end.

So do we remain trapped, taking comfort in the familiar, no matter how deeply the emptiness fills us, or like the rat, do we fortify our existence, not by devouring our fellow man through judgemental lenses, taking satisfaction of an unearned victory, but rather by trying to make a positive difference.

Traps do exist, but so do escapes, and while the answers made be hiding, we all know they exist.  So if the  house of cards we live under is swaying, do not surrender peacefully; and even if the cards all come tumbling down, consider it a ticker tape parade, because determination is noticed, felt and inspiring, and just maybe, your {my} contribution is in contributing toward the success of others.


our week of peace


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  1. It’s been a while since I commented on your powerful and disturbing posts; but the ugliness of the tortured person only mirrors the ugliness of individuals being trapped and having a way out and not taking it. Thanks. I am encouraged.


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  3. Excellent post. I often wonder why I persist. I have people ask me why I work so hard. They say words that are supposed to comfort me; “You don’t have to do anything, why can’t you relax, you’re ill, accept it and enjoy what you can of your life”

    What good is a life that touches no one? That helps no one? That neither informs nor seeks to be informed?

    I don’t think such a life has any value.

    I can be sick and build a life of which I feel proud. Winning is doing and doing is the act of being a winner.


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  5. It’s so much easier to just shut down. A self-reflecting, eye-opening and motivating piece, thanks for sharing! Yes, without a doubt you contribute to the success of others while reaching for yours.

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  6. I was almost 50 when I realized everything I believed was misinformation. From politics to religion, the escape is hard, but so liberating. Our propagandized world is tough to navigate, but we are all brothers. Loved this

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    • I am so glad you enjoyed today’s show. Sometimes I think I am being too abstract, but from all the comments and likes, I imagine I still got the point across. Always good to see you my friend.

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  7. Wow, what a thought-provoking, stimulating post!
    p.s. Thanks for the follow at Self-help Health. I always appreciate when someone decides to do that, plus it helps lead me to what they’re up to, like this insightful post of yours.

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  8. An eye opener. It was during middle ages but such things do happen even today. What difference it has – it goes to show man hardly changes. The key thinking cap just remains as it is only man changes in that. Wonderfully articulated.

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  9. Very moving, and at the same time, a reminder of modern times. We are under similar situations, as we fight injustice in the work place, our government, family members, etc. When we feel as if the world is coming to an end, and find ourselves in a hopeless situation, we need to gather all the strength we can muster, break free of these ropes, and shove that cage aside. Oh, and in the process, do kill that rat. Good read.

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  10. Hello and Happy & Blessed Holidays to you & the neighborhood!

    I first have to THANK YOU friend for being so kind to “my little friend”, … no not Al Pacino, LOL, …. my sweet friend Maddi … And the big hearted guy you are reaching out to her and mentoring her a bit about blogging. She so thrilled and happy you did! I haven’t heard the end of it!! LOL.

    I am to trying to help her how to blog, and helped her get her blog up. She lives in the same townhome complex I live in here in AZ.
    You are so *Caring and have a BIG HEART* helping others.

    Now about this post? You sure know I can SO relate to this one! Can Not wait for the Season III Spectacular!!! Much Love & Blessings my good friend XOXO

    Author, Catherine Lyon 🙂 🙂

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  11. Another analogy – more decorous if less fun than your rat torture example – I‘ve noticed with the last few rescue dogs Mom kept, they’re always frantic to escape the yard at first but in time they become so accustomed that you can leave the gate open and they won’t walk out. Seems people are that way too.

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  12. Very brave and honest…powerful. Sometimes my heart falls thinking of what horror people and innocent living beings have endured. Love the ray of light and hope at the end. Thanks for this.

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  13. I believe most people live in quiet desperation because it is familiar… how can I say they are wrong? Many times I’ve walked through the door to the other side…. sometimes it’s worked out and sometimes not… maybe I would have been better off not trying, who knows? But I couldn’t have lived my life any other way. Thanks for this post, very well expressed.

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  14. The problem with the comfort zone! We don’t like it but fear what is behind. That way so many stay in their comfort zone – they don’t like it but at least know it…. I am so happy that meanwhile I fear more to miss the unknown.

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  15. Oh my God … eww, I didn’t need that rat story, yuck!!!
    If I wake w/ a nightmare I’ll have you to blame, ha ha.
    I saw that movie Caligula and hated it. They took knives
    and cut out his bowels. I never forgot that scene.
    But, I will look to the bright side of your post. Run Kim, run!
    Go and do what you must and leave the fear to the rats. 🙂

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  16. The message in this text touched me deeply today, while we are angry with the injustices of the system, of the political systems, while we are angry about human rights injustices, this thinking fills us with a glimmer of hope and illumination. Thank you.

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  17. Well said. It’s especially tragic when people choose to remain trapped because the world outside their trap is unfamiliar and scary.

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