Short Film of the Month ‘A Battle for Peace’ by Joost Jansen

A Battle for Peace

I observed my enemy for years
He is human, just like me.
– A Battle for Peace

Joost Jansen

The Neighborhood has established itself as a collaborative of  arts. Many of the posts and all the shows are a mix of visual, recording and written-word artists, contributing pieces of their individual imaginations, then spun into a single performance we call the show.

A Battle for Peace is a showstopper in the collaborative arts. The twisted  animation is fast, sleek, terrifying and real, with the voice over narration matching its pace blow for blow, but neither able to land a knockout blow. In just 69 seconds, this award-winning, animated short feature, plunges us deep into the heartless soul of war. But it’s the last seven words… that blows our mind.

A Battle for Peace by Joost Jansen



Our Week of Peace 2016

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