Tenzing-Hillary Airport Lukla Nepal

He wanted to build it on flat farmland, but the farmers refused to sell, so he built it in the sky; at 9334 ft above sea level, nearly 2 miles high. When he announced his intentions, I am certain there was not a man in Nepal, that doubted nor took him for crazy, since he had already hit his goal, he had already touched the sky. Located in a narrow valley surrounded by mountain ranges, deep inside the Himalayas – from jump – Lukla Airport offered no room for pilot error. Overshoot the runway, there was barely enough room for only the most skilled to try the acrobatic landing, a second time. And with no traffic controller, and in fact, not even a co-pilot, the pilot would be on his own.

A runway one-third of a mile long and less than 100 ft wide, with a 11.7% gradient (truckers on the American Interstates are warned when approaching a steep incline of 6%, followed by a runaway truck ramp, on the other side). If hitting the landing is not a magical enough endeavor, the take-off  is like watching Evel Knievel performing his death defying stunts. The runway gives way to a steep drop off, and only a specific amount of space and time to take flight. Then straight ahead, is high terrain, requiring a sharp veer for the mountainside does not give way. For 20 years in a row, The History Channel anointed this small wonder in the sky, as the most dangerous airport in the world.

California Top 2 PrimaryBut the most extraordinary is not the facility itself, which was built as a starting point to begin the climb to the Mount Everest Base Camp, which is still another mile high. But the visionaries of this high-wire act – Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary -would become the namesake in the honor of the first people to touch the sky, when they reached the summit of Mount Everest: 5 1/2 miles high.



The Most Dangerous Airports in the World
Tenzing-Hillary Airport (1st of on video below)


There is the rule of the jungle in this world, and there is the rule of law. Under jungle rule no man’s life is safe, no man’s wife, no man’s mother, sister, children, home, liberty, rights, property. Under the rule of law protection is provided for all these, and provided in proportion as law is efficiently and honestly administered and its power and authority respected and obeyed. – excerpt from Law of the Jungle

California’s Neutral Top 2 Primary;
Seduced by National Divisions.
by Kendall F. Person

California is one of only three states with the quirky primary system known as Top Two.  Gone are the divisive party primaries, except in the presidential race All local and state candidates appear on a single ballot. Only those who come in first or second can move on to the November midterm or general elections. But the system plays no favorites and takes no prisoners. Congressional districts 38, 39 and 48 for instance, can produce a result were either party could be shut out.

However, the Independent Voter Project states, “Unlike a traditional system, the PURPOSE of the primary is to narrow the candidate field to the “top-two” candidates who best represent ALL OF US, regardless of the candidate or voter’s party affiliations.”

There are certainly national implications in a spate races across the Golden State, in fact, if either runs the tables, control of the US House of Representatives, could be a foregone conclusion come November. And if there is a single demographic to watch, all eyes on the Hispanic voter. Sink or swim in terms of political power.  California Top 2 Primary

But the Top Two in all of its chaotic glory, should have held at bay the divided nature of party and color. But rather than relish a new freer way to vote, the pundits or the parties or perhaps we the people, prefer the drama and spun The Top Two into Jungle Politics. The Law of the Jungle, offers a prize only for a ruthless and self-serving candidate and no one else, leaving the midterms without a purpose and the constituents either more bitter, or without confidence in our government nor hope in saving the butterflies from a mass migration.

But we can take back the original meaning of Jungle Law, which was about obligations to one another – and at all cost – to prevent the diminishing of our pack or that of another – no matter what color in politics or race.

When Pack meets with Pack in the Jungle, and neither will go from the trail,
Lie down till the leaders have spoken — it may be fair words shall prevail.

When ye fight with a Wolf of the Pack, ye must fight him alone and afar,
Lest others take part in the quarrel, and the Pack be diminished by war. – Rudyard Kipling, Law of the Jungle


from 1973, Dream On
by Aerosmith


Vote for your family and your community. Vote for the best candidate and then hold them accountable if they win. Vote for decency and conscious and innovation and vote for a non divided nation. Vote for dreamers. Vote for respect. Vote for conscious and people like Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary, who had already made history and accomplished their goals and mission. But they were not satisfied with only fulfilling self, so they built an airport miles in the sky to share their dreams with the world.

this is… The Neighborhood 




  1. Well and beautifully said.
    A few years ago, I chose to go non partisan with the aim to choose the best person for the job based on their track record and history. It doesn’t make the job easier but it helps me remain objective, if that’s even possible.

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