THEATRE thesis: In spite of my hopes and all that I’ve done, my greatest fear, has become my destiny. But even if  it becomes law of the land and establishes a new world order, I am determined to….




by Coyote Kisses


developed by Kendall F. Person
produced by The Neighborhood

Ed. III – Family
by Stephen J. Harris

Stephen J. Harris

Stephen J. Harris

I never thought I would be pondering this question, but it is a very good one. I cannot help but to think of my family – my sons – if nuclear war were to come to pass. I do not believe it will happen, but I imagine many people in the past thought the same thing before war arrived at their door. I would not leave the country for my sake, but that of my kids. If I thought it were at all possible for them to have a resemblance of a good life, I think I would, perhaps head for Switzerland. Who knows.

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