THEATRE thesis: In spite of my hopes and all that I’ve done, my greatest fear, has become my destiny. But even if  it becomes law of the land and establishes a new world order, I am determined to….


by Makaih Beats


developed by Kendall F. Person
produced by The Neighborhood

In Spite of the Lights
by Devereaux Frazier, An Aspergian’s Chemical Romance

In spite of the lights
I stare straight into the mist
In spite of the loud, crashing sounds
of industry and economy
I climb higher and higher out of the pit
In spite of the clocks resonating in my head
and the palpitations on my wrist
even the worst anxious breakdown, a good song can fix
In spite of the aggressive advances of the bold
the hubris of the bad
and the cunning of the brave
I can stand out from every single list
because I’m black 
because I’m autistic 
and when I turn on the flow, you might think I’m sick 
but really I’m just flicking my wrists 
and flipping you this
big bird, little bird, let all of you hear
even if they try to force us out
and box us in
you might’ve struck my greatest fear
but the runners high is near
and when I shed a tear
you think I’m down
but put your head up
cause the train is coming
and coming now
Determined to put our shame to rest
I write your verdicts, go ahead and test
my emotions and limits
but it’s a long lost bet
I’m trying to be the best at what I do
every day is a mess made
or a life saved
but without this brain it would be all a waste
an easily extinguished flame
you try to bring me down
but on these pages I punch back
now finally know what it’s like
to kiss the ground
and acknowledge the sumptuous sound
I may not be the leading man
and the stories I weave aren’t intricate
just true
not exciting
just raw
not normal
just me
and that’s the only way
I’ll ever be
Young Devereaux FrazierAs Americans, we’re supposed to be more advanced than much of the world. The standard that we’ve set for ourselves has led to incredible heights, but unfortunately many have gotten trampled for the sake of “development”. 2017 is drawing to a close, and the new year seeks to reek of the same foul essence of our fathers before us. Being black is still seen as being “less than”, and the race riots are quite simply minuscule distractions from the reality: division and diversion seems to be the law of the land. No matter how hard people try to “be in someone else’s shoes” and “act in solidarity”, the first thing people do when faced with an issue is take sides. That is a flawed mentality. Autism is just a spectrum of that side, and being both black and autistic, you can say I might get it worse than those who are either/or. Despite the misconceptions, false science, and ignorance of those on and off the spectrum, I am just like the person next to me, and they’re just like the person next to them. We are all human, we are all one. To find it and help another grow in that realization is why we’re here. Despite the bigots, racists, and supremacists that come from both spectrums, we must search our individual hearts and souls and find the strength to love our fellow man. There are walls that have been established for generations between black and white, “normal” and autistic, and every other sector, but no more. No matter what job you have, be determined to stand up not for your nationality, but for all walks of life. 

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