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“A half truth is even more dangerous than a lie.
A lie you can detect at some stage,
but a half-truth is sure to mislead you for long.”
– Anurag Shourie


One World

Earth by klen70

One World 
from Book III of The Religious Right
by Kendall F. Person & Professor Eric J. Steere

The Chaos revolution began in the catacombs beneath Paris. Since the birth of European democracy in 1789, through the artistic movements and the rise of the bohemians of the late 19th century, to the French Resistance during Nazi occupation, Paris is the city of revolutions. Through years of conflict and violence, from the tyranny of the king to the viciousness of the masses, a society of former Parisians turned their revolution into a subterranean harmony, an underground world that had achieved a lasting peace. Its existence was unknown by the people of Paris, even though it existed right under their feet.

For centuries, healers and artists used these networks of tunnels to escape the spiritual cleansing of modernity. Religion had long been associated with violence and sectarian strife the world over. They came to believe that only by shielding themselves from the world’s religious fragmentation could a pure spiritual awakening be achieved. So artists from around the globe, joined the former Parisians and decided to stay underground. The new nation was anointed One World, and in celebration to the end of the Chaos revolution, only two pledges they would have to make. One was to protect their secrecy, and the other: One World would always have but one faith.

by Kendall F. Person


Chaos by Carnegriff

Below the surface, is not the same atmosphere as above; the depths are far less murky, our differences of less importance. There is still civility when we meet in small groups, and the forces that have swept Comus into power, do not venture below the surface where bad men can be destroyed, by purveyors of art.

Whichever are beliefs, no matter how unbending we have become, and regardless to the mental pressure used in ramming our opinions, down someone else’s throat, there still exist peace and tranquility. Above the surface – but far below the clouds – a most dangerous game plays on, even though we know it is based on spectacular lies.


American Tribalism has reached a feverish pitch, and those we have trusted to guard our castle, have either been revealed as cowards or seduced by those that tell them lies. Yet there still exist an exit ramp, a way out of  a world class self-destruction, a way to stop Comus from becoming so powerful, that decades or generations or centuries may pass before humanity is returned from the greedy class. But before we can rise together, we must first walk alone. In front of a mirror, not simply gazing into our reflection, but staring down our soul. And with an unflinching conviction, we must stand our ground in seeking out truth.

American Society has come to resemble that of junior high school clicks, more so than a fading moniker Leader of the Free World.  The tribalism is not just politics, but color and status and levies the audacity for the law of man, to bypass the law of the land; and attempt an upset of the laws of physics’ and even translate the law of God. Ethics has become a liability and the bigger the lie the louder the cheers and the crippling breakdown of every department has gained way for an elite anarchist to redefine our beloved nation.

One World

World by Jeni Holland

Rather we believe, that we are in the throes of a 21st Century Chaos Revolution, is directly related to our future. The unfortunate truth about the spectacular lies, is that sooner or later the citizenship becomes confused, then turns on itself.  And when divide and conquer becomes the golden rule, the resistance weakens, comes undone and then it is threw.

But while we  sincerely believe and have hope or faith, that our union is solid and the resistance will toll the line, always remember, nonetheless that One World is alive…. shhhhh

a one man show



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