Evangelical Jim Ziegler

“The mind is its own place,
and in itself can make a heaven of hell,
a hell of heaven..” – John Milton, Paradise Lost

Evangelical Jim Ziegler

from 1990….
The Devil Went Down to Georgia

by The Charlie Daniels Band 


by Kendall F. Person

On a random day, many years ago, a childhood friend asked me to pick him up from a drinking establishment. As we were both adults, and often called upon one another, the request was not unusual, but the location was since he did not drink. Once I spotted him inside the bar, it was crystal clear, that not only was he drinking, he was stone cold drunk. He had only recently discovered, that he was adopted, something most of his inner circle already understood. It initially appeared, he had taken the news well, but it was the final revelation that forever changed the man.

The Death Nail

Christ of St. John of the Cross by Elder Sprite

I had a seat next to him at the bar. Blood shot eyes for sure but they also looked lonely and scared.  He pointed to a manilla envelope he received from the adoption agency. As it turned out, not only was he adopted but he was not even of the same race, that he assumed all these years. If that was not enough, his request to meet his birth parents had been denied. His birth mom’s father, had his father deported and he died soon after. His birth mom was mortified at the request to reunite, so she ordered the file to be locked down and her identity never revealed, to a son she never wanted.

To say that it changed him, would be a useless description. He became cruel and spiteful and somewhat vicious to the family that raised him. He was belligerent and loud and turned his back on anyone, that was of the race he once thought he was.

I  remember being so angry, for his over-the-top metamorphosis. It did not matter, who his parents were, for he was still the same person…to us. But decades later, I would come to understand his rage. To him, his entire identity had been stripped away. He had no idea and never would, where his bloodlines were drawn. He would turn his torment on the only family that loved him, but he had to blame someone because he felt completely alone. And one day, he walked away from what he called a life spun of lies.


I wonder what he was thinking – Alabama State Auditor and self-proclaimed evangelical Jim Zeigler – when he blew his religion sky high. He did it not because he had suddenly found science, but in order to protect an alleged pedophile, where even in prison populations set at level 5, they are not treated with kid gloves or kindness. But on par with Zeigler’s public interpretation of the Holy Bible that changes its entire meaning at ground level, was the abject silence ricocheting throughout the Evangelical community. It was a deafening noise, yet either they pretended to not hear it, or they have become accustomed to changing stories.

Evangelical Journalist

“If I knew these women I would pray for them, but I still believe Roy Moore” –  Brandon Moseley, Alabama Evangelical Journalist

The Democratic nominee to fill the empty US Senate seat from Alabama is a man named Doug Jones. He is well known for the prosecution of the Klansman that bombed an Alabama Church, killing four little girls. I like to think that this game of tribal partisanship has reached its peak, but the evangelicals ignore a man like Jones and remain so defiant, they sacrifice God’s only son, forcing the consideration – we have yet to hit rock bottom.

Evangelical Jim ZieglerIs their silence because they do not fully understand the implications of what he said? That the idea of immaculate conception, of a virgin Mary giving birth, he kicked then shot dead; and that Jim Zeigler has not simply questioned religion, but redefined it as a story of fiction. And all these years the lessons of humanity they claimed to teach, where they knowingly spreading lies? Or are they being complicit in driving the death nail into Evangelicalism once and for all? But it does not really matter, for they will simply change the story to fit their lifestyle of choice. Their willingness to use the name of God in defense or in condemnation of any and everything, gives Jesus a meaningless identity. And that is a shame for their true believers.

— an opinion from thepublicblogger

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  1. That they call themselves Christians is there initial lie. Evangelicals leaders are only money hungry and power hungry. They know how to present themselves. The found the way to poor white, uneducated white, frightened white money. That they use the Bible to portray how they think is horrible. In today’s world they do not even have to hide their racism. They are popular and get away with it. I think the defense of the Alabama Republican Senate candidate may move even some conservatives away from the Evangelicals. Hope anyway. Your note about the Democratic candidate and his positive accomplishments show such a difference between the two. Thank you – Spyro

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  2. The Roman Catholic doctrine of the “Immaculate Conception” doesn’t refer to the virgin birth. This teaching is regarded as heretical within other churches, for example Protestant or Orthodox churches, like the Church of England and the Russian Orthodox Church.


  3. Hi, Kendall. I was also compelled to address this: Virgin Shield

    I find the juxtaposition of the stories interesting. Are you offering that people of faith may be feeling the same dislocation seeing evangelicals defend Moore as your friend did upon learning about his family history? Do you feel that way yourself?

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    • Yes to the first question and not necessarily to the second. It is simply such a perverted use of the Holy Bible that i felt compelled to address a subject, that I do not generally address. But I do and I will. Thank you for questions and I really enjoyed reading Virgin Shield.


  4. It saddens me when the Bible, a book of stories about love, compassion, and understanding, is used for hate. Too many people use the Bible as a hammer to beat people into believing their rhetoric. Shame! I say shame,

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