Veterans Day Show

Since 2013, The Neighborhood celebrates Veteran’s Day with a salute to the Homeless Veterans and those suffering with PTSD. This year we salute the Fallen and remember the Forgotten American Soldiers, with a brief but personal tribute of our own. And we do not buy into petty nonsense here. So stand or kneel, either way makes no difference; no matter how many times they say it or how many people they convince to hate it. But even they are welcomed into the embrace. All inclusive has no borders, only peace & love and respect for our soldiers.

Enjoy the show. – KP


Long live the American Soldier.
Long live the fallen.
And long live the forgotten.


In memory of the Forgotten,
please stand or kneel in tribute to the Fallen.

The United States Army Band
w/ Military Taps


by Kendall F. Person

She awoke one morning, and somehow felt different.
The sickness overwhelmed her, yet she had no fever.
She wanted to walk, but her feet hurt her.
The sunshine was mild, still it did heat her.

It did not go away, so she saw her doctor.
When the news was delivered, it unnerved her.
She was carrying the child of a soldier,
and it so moved her. When she told him,
he saluted the flag, then kneeled before her.

It grew inside, and it changed her.
He smiled each time, it moved inside her.
Their love had changed, it became deeper.
The bloodline made, did forever connect them.

Her water broke, he was so nervous.
The time had come, it was predestined.
She pushed so hard, it was exhausting.
But she could feel him by her side, unbending.

She could not describe,
how her heart was beating,
when his son arrived,
it was the greatest feeling.
His father only once cried,
she now remembered seeing him.
He could not control the tide,
as the rain did tell her,
he cried now. and it calmed her.
Not in sorrow nor regret,
in pride and honor.
Tho his spirit lived among the fallen,
his life would never dwell amongst the forgotten.


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The Last Slave



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