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In My Shoes

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“If you were me,
you would accept every day as it comes,
roll with the punches, gained you some knowledge…
and fight the power.” – Clarence Holmes



Freedom Isn’t Free
by John Anderson


The Year 2027

CITIES RD4: A Mile in My Shoes
developed by Kendall F. Person

Only Bangor Maine remained as the sole city that had not been bloodied by a mass shooting. After Las Vegas, when we refused to talk, and come together to imagine a solution, the problem never went away and even Canada was not immune. In fact, it got bigger and more bombast, until mass killings of under a hundred, no longer registered.


by Frances Waterman
& Nadine Jordan (Montreal)

Wichita has been crippled by continual massive layoffs and salary cuts.

The layoffs kept coming. The companies had created a vortex that was spinning out of control. The companies just couldn’t survive without their contracts. The government kept going outside their country for their contracts because it cut costs and labor was cheaper. This was about business with no regard to the people in Wichita.  So much for making America great again.Wichita

Due to these massive layoffs and salary cuts, people started to leave in droves, abandoning their homes and lives for survival. The companies couldn’t survive without employee’s and their important and much needed contracts, so they too folded like a house of cards, and Wichita Kansas became a veritable ghost town.


Bangor Maine became the Jerusalem or the Mecca of the United States. Everyone began making pilgrimages just to see what it was like there. To drink the water and eat the food and pray in their churches, because it remained as the last ray of hope for a nation that was killing itself.


by Michael John Mele (Tampa)

DetroitTampa has its issues, we all know that, for the most part we don’t know if we’re coming or going as a city, but with that said we always make sure our children are taken care of and never left stranded and without the care they need to become healthy and productive citizens. Detroit on the other hand is spending more time worrying about being one of the big players in the game then they are about their own people. They desire to be the big city in this country, they feel as if New York City should no longer be King of the Hill, that is their rightful place. These efforts and ideas are keeping them from providing for their children, making sure that they have the needs necessary to be healthy, productive and an overall positive influence their city and the surrounding towns. They need to stop worrying about what could be and start focusing on what is, take care of their own and in time they will take care of the city.


On the first day of 2027, millions had decided to spend the day in Bangor. To usher in the new year in a place that still felt like the United States; the only place that love and peace and civility still saw the light of day. But no one was thinking of everyone, and everyone was thinking of only themselves.  And when the countrymen and women began to stampede, those with guns -by instinct – began to reach.



and Keith Mon  after returning from a 3 year suspension, has been permanently expelled from The Neighborhood for unsportsmanlike conduct, confirmed by Madam Chair Kelly Lewis. under formal review

The Budget Crisis can be read at its original location, Save Texas Schools. 

The City of Houston was not involved. They have been eliminated as a no show, but NOT disqualified.





But before the biggest mass shooting in American History could take place, from deep inside the crowd, a young child’s voice could be heard…. “Just kill me and then you don’t have to shoot anyone else.” And all at once, the brothers and sisters dropped their guns and stood in silence, because no one new what else to say.


RD4 Challenge was to imagine what your opponent city could be like if a solution was not found to THEIR stated challenge in RD3: ‘Causes’.  Of the Top 10 Cities, only 3 (Montreal, Tampa and Baltimore) represented in RD4. So the quarters, become the semis. One City will be eliminated and the Championship will be set. VOTE





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