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Columbus Ohio
Joe Johnson with Something Good About Columbus Ohio


Tell Me Something Good (about your city)

Columbus Ohio ∞ Tampa ∞ Phoenix ∞ Montreal


Michael John Mele
The Insane Asylum
If you like theme parks we have a whole bunch of them here, and Tampa is easy to spell.



PhoenixCassandra Miller Mims
There’s a lot of opportunity here, and it’s beginning to seem like crazy people are very pleasant and respectful. There’s a real great College here: Grand Canyon University. Lots of entertainment, depending on what people are looking for and want. Me? I love our weather especially the winters. Come down and check it out.


MontrealFrances Waterman
Every year there are festivals and activities to tickle a variety of tastes! Like the Comedy Festival Montreal 2017 Just For Laughs Juste Pour Rire and the Jazz fest, which attracts millions of people. There are also food festivals to satisfy every palate; from one end of the city to the other! Montréal is a city of love. Multiculturalism, a melting pot of different, welcoming cultures. It only takes one visit and you just never want to leave!



Detroit ∞ Dallas ∞ New York ∞ Baltimore

“Well we got the new Basketball stadium
downtown The Lil Caesars Arena. The Lions are 2-1,
and Detroit got the most original underrated artist in cities.”
– Hussle Crowe, Detroit

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DallasShawn Griffith
Down Home Thoughts
Dallas has every type of restaurant you can imagine! Lots to do including hiking, kayaking, symphony, line dancing you name it!


BaltimoreBmore Birdz
My Baltimore – 
Culturally diverse, with a blue collar edge of gritty urban drama that transcends all stereotypes. Vigilant pedestrians who refuse to be considered 2nd class citizens.


thoughts in bubbles’ by geralt

thought bubbles

New York City – OUT in Rd 2
1st glitch in an otherwise, feel good day.
nonetheless, The Big Apple, has been undone

Los Angeles ∞ Vallejo ∞ Oklahoma City ∞ London

Los Angeles

“Something good about the city of Los Angeles… It’s a city that gives people the opportunity to become any and everything they could dream of. From Doctor’s, lawyer’s, to entertainers it’s all here.” – Jakeem Hawkins


Oklahoma CityDiane Ray
My baby girl is attending Langston university she was valedictorian when she graduate and got a full ride.

I have a new grandson.

And my son Brandon opened a food and beverage company. It’s called Ray’s Skillet Soul Food & Catering. Oklahoma City is good right now.
Oklahoma City


‘thoughts in bubbles’ are only good
if you tell us something about them

thought bubbles

A pleasant surprise to see them make it this far,
but both the north bay city and the city across the pond
Vallejo and London – are both gone.

San Diego ∞ Houston ∞ Oakland ∞ Atlanta

San DiegoBilly Rojas
Soy poblano mexicano
Y se celebra 5 de mayo la batalla de puebla donde derrotaron alos fraceses. Tanbien comida el mole poblano muy delicioso. Los dulses tan deliciosos los camotes poblanos. Referente a temblo. Mi familia esta muy bien gracias a. Dios


Houston“Hey you! Houston strong! Me and my family came through well; so many others have lost so much, so we spend much of our time helping others, making Houston stronger than it was before the storm. So nice of you to ask, and I am glad to have something good tell you about my city.” – Becky Brown, Facebook 



AtlantaWendell Olden
It’s the new Hollywood of the south. Many companies from around the country (LA, NY, etc.) are filming out here. I can tell you a lot! Lol


Danielle Riley
Oaktown. The incomparable beauty of Oakland. A birthing place of resistance.   A place where you don’t have neighbors, you have brothers and sisters. Oakland has its own language, attitude and reputation. Being from Oakland can allow you to go anywhere in the world and fit in everywhere. An appreciation for home grown. A culture that encourages individuality, without any judgement. Oakland is a feeling, you know it when you see it.
Greg Shine
When it comes to Cities, Oakland California is as Good as it gets. Oakland is only 8 miles away from San Francisco and you can get there by taking either one of the nations coolest commuter trains, Bay Area Rapid Transit aka BART, under the Bay or by driving over the iconic Oakland/San Francisco Bay Bridge. Home of The Oakland Raiders, The Golden State Warriors and The Oakland A’s, Oakland is known the World over to be where some of the best Sports teams on the planet call home.

Amdavad ∞ Wichita ∞ Portland ∞ Florence


Keyur Panchal
Keep Picturing


Michele Ryan
Wichita Although known as the Air Capital of the World, and harvesting tremendous amounts of wheat, Wichita is superior in the engineering field  as well, and WSU offers one of the best engineering programs in the world! Wichita is constantly growing and evolving, while still holding true to small town values and local businesses.
It’s not uncommon for business deals in Wichita to be sealed with a handshake or gentlemen’s agreement. Your word still means something in Wichita.

WichitaWe are a culturally diverse city, which brings fabulous celebrations of different ethnicities. Wichita is so culturally diverse, we are often a test market for new products and services. All ethnicities are well represented here and the word in marketing products is “If it will walk in Wichita, it will fly everywhere else.”
It’s been a pleasure to bring up my 3 boys here.


when ‘thoughts in bubbles’ do not venture
out, how do strangers become friends

thought bubbles

Portland is the 4th of 5 cities
to go down without a fight. But
on Oregon’s coast, they show us
what’s good about Florence


Florence Oregon

Alicia Hickson 


A path thru the woods by Alicia Hickson


“Love the bikers” by Alicia Hickson


The Annual Rhododendron Festival (Rhody Days)


‘Sunrise at Siuslaw’ by Ned Hickson

32 at start. 12 went down in knockout round. 4 more had nothing good to say. On Oct 15, we will learn about the causes of the sweet 16. But the finals is vip, reserved for only… The Top 10 Cities

but thoughts never go away,
and there are times when we must speak up.

thought bubbles

–created by Kendall F. Person
–produced in The Neighborhood
–made possible, by you


  1. Wow! Such amazing contributions! What a nice tour of cities here! Thank you for having me and Paulette, May during Rhody Days, August and October are some of the nicest times of the year for a trip to Florence!

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  2. I have to agree with Paulette, although I’m a steadfast introvert, so unlike her I will never go. But this has kind of been like traveling to these places and meeting these people. Thanks for the tour. Can’t imagine a round 3. But I’ll be here.

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  3. OMG! What a beautiful idea. The photographs from Florence Oregon and announcer from Columbus, oh and the the food in Oklahoma, i can’t decide which city to visit first. Wichita is even on the list. THANK YOU THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

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    • So glad you had a good time. Welcome to The Neighborhood Paulette. I will make sure that everyone knows the excitement stirred about their cities. . (big smile)


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