Where is Oz?
Where is Oz?

cover Yellow by Madalinonut

“If it’s inside of us, why do we not reach for it all the time?”

IvySoul Robinson w/ Some Days
written by Kendall F. Person



developed by Kendall F. Person

When Dorothy woke up from the land of Oz, surrounded by her smiling and relieved family, she had an epiphany, that had escaped her nearly the entire film. Clicking her heels in triplet succession, closing her eyes and believing in the words she was saying, there’s no place like home. there’s no place like home, is how she both made it from and found her inner Oz. It was with her family, with people that loved her and she loved too/ Inside of the moment, Dorothy had found what she was looking for. But more importantly, in her nightmare she had discovered, that they were with her all along.

However, while we are searching, and even before we know inner peace and love and destiny exists for us, then what is ‘IT’ doing? What emotion or feelings do we mistake it for or cover up or suppress? If it lives inside of us, then why is it so hard to find? Where is Oz when we need it most?

The Question

Official 1st round questions from Cities. For interactive fun, answer all or just the 5th one, as it is a part of this show.
Chesapeake-Delaware Canal Bridge

Theme: American Places
Category: Delaware

Question: What is the official name of the structure in this image?

Only 1 wrong answer given.



Black Water FallsTheme: American Places
Category: West Virginia

Question: What is the name of this body of water?

An additional clue was requested, but only submitted a wrong answer once.



Crazy Horse
Theme: American Places
Category: South Dakota

Question: What is the name of this monument?

A Bullseye in first response.




Bering StraitQ5 Theme: American Places
Category: Alaska

The Question: What is the name of the specific body of water within the circle only?

An argument could have been made, that all of the additional clues, made it impossible to be anything else. Correct answer on the 4th try.


Theme: American Places
Hint: Kansas

The Question: Where is Oz? (In relation to this image,
considering theme and inside category, which is also a hint.

kansasEach wrong response – and there were many – felt like a personal rejection, as if they truly believed, what they were looking for, could be found in Oz. Unlike the other questions, not one person got this one right. So I sent the answer up and this was the reply: “It was right here with me all along. I just didn’t see”  

79 years later, and we are still comprehending what Dorothy meant. Oz is with us always, the search need not go on. But it lives inside the bigger picture. The theme is the outside world; the category is our place in it. And when we forget who we are, remember this hint: even in the bigger picture, the photograph is still you.

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