amish contrast

poetry stage


from Limerick Ireland
Translation by Goitse



CONTRASTS a poetry duet

by Jeremey J Croucher of Jemverse, Sussex UK
& Nadine Jordan Sacramento via Montreal

There’s no metaphor here
and no hidden meaning
This picture you see
Isn’t sly or concealing
It’s not trying to hide
with devious intent
or deceive and
beguile to your detriment


All the tall buildings
Hiding the sky; boldly
Enclosed under the clouds
People are kneeling and feeling proud
Screams of “Black lives matter”
“Blue lives matter” “All lives matter”
I do know that city life matters
The cold cement of my surroundings
Makes for a quiet, unmoving peace

So what do you see
in this green open space
Is it somewhere you feel
that could satisfy grace?
Or does it conjure up something
that instead mystifies
about which you ate
puzzled and have long agonized

The magical wonder of urban life

Cafes, museums, dance clubs at night
The city shines with brilliant light
To hide the darkness; it holds so tight
In wondrous ways diversity strolls
Surrounding my essence of beautiful souls
As the sun is blazing high and strong
Urban life moves swiftly along

There’s juxtaposition here
a world of two contrasts
But as for the metaphor, as for intent
that remains perhaps as a question
revealing its truth to the betterment of both


The Poetry Stage
Act I: City Streets
Act II: Contrasts
Act III: Cease the Fire

Welcome to The Neighborhood
created by Kendall F. Person



10 Comments on “CONTRASTS

  1. Bravo to you both! This was really great! Love the title. Isn’t Contrast part of living with diversity and those that aren’t like us – a contrast with the reflection we see of ourselves in the mirror? Excellent.

    Sorry to have to have favorite lines but – “The magical wonder of urban life
    Cafes, museums, dance clubs at night
    The city shines with brilliant light
    To hide the darkness; it holds so tight

    was mine so I guess I agreed with Kelly above but liked “The magical wonder of urban life” also. Urban life reminds me of the body with all it’s moving parts and specializations joining in for the wonderful whole of a person with a soul.

    The Reluctant Poet is a longtime former resident of Sacramento now living in the Austin TX area. Pleased to meet you Nadine! You got a good one in Jem!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you Reluctant Poet for your wonderful words! As it was a first time collaboration, I truly had a great time with Jeremy. I like that stanza also. And I agree with you, that is how I see urban life as a body of moving parts. I see this more so for living in two large cities, Montreal and New York. I am an urbanite by way of Montreal. It was nice meeting you too, looking forward to more fun times in the sphere of writing!

      Liked by 2 people

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  5. Very enjoyable read! Great collaboration, you two. 👏🏻👏🏻 I love this couplet, “The city shines with brilliant light
    To hide the darkness; it holds so tight”! As for the question…doesn’t the heart always long for that something else…more or less? I think so.

    Liked by 4 people

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