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from Toronto Canada
Dead or Alive by Jazz Carter


by Randy Jacob (Fresno CA)
New York by Mark Asthoff

City Streets

by Kelly Lewis of Exclusive Inflictions
Los Angeles

City Streets
Dark secrets roam our streets
those no one really wants to know
so unfortunate stories go untold
as they struggle to meet basic needs

Standing on our corners just to eat
holding up a their feeble sign
hoping that someone will be kind
unable to beat the scorching heat

Countless people pass on by
pretending as if they’re not there
avoiding their pleading stare
beseeching god, wondering why

Frostbitten toes exposed to bitter cold
piecing together woolen threads
swapping warmth for a chunk of bread
treating basic necessities as if gold

Living on the streets does grow old
no one is immune to circumstance
just so you know, so lend a hand

do what you can to lift another’s soul


The Poetry Stage
Act I: City Streets
Act II: Contrasts
Act III: Cease the Fire

Welcome to The Neighborhood
created by Kendall F. Person

9 Comments on “CITY STREETS

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  2. Thanks for always leaving the lights on. I’m looking forward to the coming shows, and catching up with everyone in The Neighborhood!

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