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By chance, I came across a news radio program based in Michigan, with a format similar to PBS Newshour, only it was on the radio like NPR. It was during the 2016 US Presidential campaign, so the conversation was civil, yet intense. But it was the voice of a random voter – a working mother, active in her community, who should have set off the alarms in both camps. A Republican herself, who was backing Trump, was relatively calm until questioned by a lockstep Republican, as to how could she support such a candidate. The working mother exploded. “I voted for Democrats! I voted for Republicans! And none of them have ever done anything for me. Maybe I’m wrong, but I have to try something!” then silence overtook the airwaves. No one on the highly decorated panel, knew how to respond when the politically-induced emotional void was laid bare and exposed…. on live radio.


Logic – 1-800-273-8255
featuring Alessia Cara & Khalid

Hamelin Town’s in Brunswick
By famous Hanover city;
Washes its walls on the southern side;
A pleasanter spot you never spied.
But one day… RATS! infiltrated
[A temporary disruption of Town serenity;
LISTEN! to the deal you made.
It’s a huge mistake!]
– The Pied Piper 2017


(THE GOOD TROLL part 1 of 2)

written & edited by Kendall F. Person

When the robots took over, humanity became giddy and all a flutter. The world wide web was an innovation for the ages. A new way to conduct business, with new tools to aid us in mastering our chosen craft. With the power to stream movies, bid for vehicles and find a bride, few would understand, the power of its dark side.

Before the robots took over, we called one another on the phone and when we were in a car, having dinner or walking in the park, the person we were with, had our full attention from the start. Embedded social graces, enabled a normalcy of pleasant exchanges, held together by an undefined common thread of public decency.  But the robots gained power, by controlling us through sound. We may never return an old friend’s call, even though hearing their voices in the voicemail message, made us smile. Yet, when our smartphones ‘ding’ we snap to attention, bringing Pavlov’s Dog, back to relevancy again.

But voids, however, do not last for long; the vacuum affect assures us of that. When cities collapse, it is crime and despair that moves in, rarely replaced by the sweetness of song. But the two political parties seemed content in exchanging power, ignoring the concerns of the Michigan mom and all other demographics. Too zoned-in on an insider’s battle, to note – no music this time, only anger and lies –  but their constituents were being led away.


Aside:  Too High a Price – originally slated – was a completely different; fact-based reporting. But after deleting the 12th draft, I understood why it was all wrong.  I remain firm in my belief, based on facts and what we see, that President Trump is incapable of thinking of anyone’s interest other than his own. But where would I tell converters to go, when all of the nation’s leaders are either participants in or watchers of… The New Pied Piper Show

  • President Trump maintains proximity to his base, only because they cheer; and it keeps the cowering GOP in check and the dumb dumb Democrats playing fetch,
  • the Progressive Party is it real or just in the heart
  •  the nation’s brightest minds, are fleeing and being fired from our national workforce.
  • there are no Gandhi’s among us, so even the ones with heart, why would we expect the 1% to fight against him when everything he is doing is for them.
  • the courts, however, remain staunch in deciding by what is right; and the states appear to have band together, under the double banner of state rights and personal privacy protections
  • the resistance is much stronger than imagined.
  • The Rachel Maddow Show and The Last Word w/ Lawrence O’Donnell, both from MSNBC, the #1 & #3 cable news shows, have seized the moment with smart, investigative and compassionate political reporting


[And when the Piper played his magic pipe]
Out came the children running.
All the little boys and girls,
Tripping and skipping, ran merrily after
The wonderful music with shouting and laughter.
And the Piper advanced and the children followed,
And when all were in to the very last,
The door in the mountain-side shut fast.
[And The Pied Piper got wanted he really wanted]
– The Pied Piper of Hamelin



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