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“Trolls are slow to the uptake and
mighty suspicious about everything.”
– J.R.R. Tolkien


from Philadelphia
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written & edited by Kendall F. Person

2013 – A hostile takeover
My first venture into the comment section of a corporate online news site, was actually a very pleasant experience. But a HuffPost, back page review of a relatively known, semi-celebrity, attracted limited attention and none from trolls. But it left me woefully unprepared. for my visit to the comment section of Yahoo on a Trayvon Martin front page article. Five years ago, there were no guidelines to follow, nor moderators to enforce them. It felt like The Lord of the Flies only uglier and real life. Thousands had joined “the conversation” about the loss of a young man’s life, yet it was so remarkably vicious, so void of even minimal respect, that civility walked away, ceding the valuable forums to an underground world that was abusive and hateful. Not until the intent of the relentless attacks by cyber bullies and internet trolls were perceived as ominous, and suicide – for a precious few – became their only way out, did civility take back the night.

July 2017
I returned to the public forums, only this time my target was cable news and I was ready for the trolls.


the good troll

Mainstream News
CNN, MSNBC and FNN (Fox News Network) are cut from the same basic cloth. They have news reporting outlets, anchored by highly respected newsman Chris Wallace at FOX – to give one example – but FNN is best known for their political opinion and news talk show formats (like Hannity and The Five, for instance). But a major difference, between the big 3 cable news networks, is that FOX (where FNN derived) is connected to Network Television Station, affiliated with scores of local market FOX tv news channels. To be clear, it defies logic that MSNBC or CNN can be considered mainstream and FNN an outsider.




CNN news anchor Robin Meade actually works for HLN (Headline News) a smaller division of CNN. However, HLN was the centerpiece of CNN, which is the godfather of cable news. There were few if any opinions, in fact some segments had no visible anchors just the audio and graphics, 24 hours a day, in 30 minute segments, at the top and bottom of the hour. Seems primitive now, but without the imagination behind CNN, and less the trailblazing spirit of  Ted Turner – the founder – there would be no Fox News Network. Respect

The expansion of cable and the advent of the internet, were the mediums that allowed it to soar, but it was the OJ Simpson trial – crowned The Trial of the Century – that detonated the 24 hour news cycle, giving rise to multiple opinion and news talk shows.



Fake News! and a Troll
Pulp Fiction remains a movie marvel to this day, in part, as an independent film, it spun a paltry $8 million dollar budget into a $220 million fortune. But compare it to mainstream motion pictures, if fails to crack the top 200. Now imagine if the Star Wars franchise, decided to re-brand an establishment as outsiders.

Over-the-top example you say? The Fox News Network is a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox which owns Fox Sports and Fox Television Broadcasting Company. One of the biggest and most influential in the industry. Still not sold? For 16 consecutive years they dominated the cable news audience, often boasting 9 of the top 10 shows. (However, Rachel Maddow has ascended to the top, and now ranks No. 1).  In the beginning, the cable news audience belonged to CNN. But when FNN saw an opening, to build upon their market share, they made a sharp and decisive right, capturing the conservative demographics. Had CNN and MSNBC stayed the course, they would have been reduced to cable news rubble, so each made a left turn, giving both parties a safe ground.

The President, Fox News Network, the Conservative movement and their rabid fans (silly, misinformed, but not mean)  successfully cast themselves as outsiders, and  “CNN and MSNBC are mainstream news and a propaganda arm of the state!”,  became their rallying cry. Yes, it worked, but why build a movement on a lie?

Spending time with absolute Trump/Fox News fanatics, who intake information from no other sources, is like living in an alt information society. with  such audacity they shout FAKE News! at their rivals.



Aside: After looking up the definition of internet troll, as it turns out, I was trolling them. So if you are asked if Kendall F. Person is a troll, I hope you respond “Yes, but he is the good troll.”  (big smile)

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