Climate change

Climate change

“I believe in clean air. In immaculate air….
but I don’t believe in climate change.”
– Donald J. Trump


from 7th Born Productions


“Climate change is no longer some far off problem;
it is happening here, it is happening now.”
– Barack Obama

written & edited by Kendall F. Person

NeanderthalIt was not climate change, per se, that did in the neanderthal, although 55,000 years ago, the climate did change – dramatically, from extreme heat to bitter cold. But the Neanderthals, in their defense, had not developed their brains and so they lived much like animals, and not always as the alpha-thinking species. When a food source in one location dries up, animals – both hunters and grazers – go after it. But the Neanderthal stayed put, which proved to be a huge miscalculation. Perhaps within as little as one lifetime, their familiar prey would be replaced by other animals that could survive the elements. But the Neanderthal developed no news skills or methods of hunting in the changing landscape and died out. All because they could not comprehend, that they had to make their living a different way. Noah's Ark

It has never been considered climate change, although when God sent a torrid of rain for 40 days and 40 nights, drowning near all life forms, as the verses go, because evil had run amok. But good men could have prevented the change of weather, because it was not the non believers that were being punished, but the ones who believed in Him and His word. But the threat was not enough to lower the volume and to heed the words of an Almighty deity, that they believed in. They could not come to an agreement, that they had to walk a different way and they too were wiped out, with climate change.

9 NorthOff the coast of Ecuador, there lies an archipelago so named the Galapagos Islands.  Over a mile and half below the water’s surface, far beyond what even the sun can declare dominance over – and the sun is a bad motha(shutyourmouth) –  there exist a void called 9 North. In 1981, an underground volcano erupted and the earth’s core split and bellow’s of black smoke darkened the pitch black waters and man ventured down to see what exactly was going on. What they found was an entire micro world thriving around its own energy source.  Grazers and hunters and some of the largest species of tube worms found anywhere on planet earth. So far removed is 9 North from other such communities, that many species that existed there are found no where else in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

In 1999, the year a rock star named Prince, along with more than a few widespread rumors, predicted the end of the world, or that the computers would take over. And while none of that transpired, unexplained, the emissions below 9 North abruptly turned off, leaving the bustling underwater community without an energy source, and with no fanfare nor parade, an entire micro world went extinctLarsen C

On June 2, 2017 – yesterday – in Antarctica, Larsen C, an ice shelf the size of Delaware – has seen its massive crack grow 11 miles in just 6 days and could break away at anytime. But unlike Larsen B, C’s more sedate cousin, it is expected to disintegrate much quicker. As of yet, there is no comprehensive voice about what exactly it means (perhaps both sides are gun shy after the Paris debacle)

But in truth, it matters not what anyone says, climate change has become the new karma or a red or blue colored shield. Regardless of what the scientific community and history has taught us, to the deniers, it is a hoax developed by China. But regardless of what we think or say or do, matters not at all to the dynamic duo, as both global warming and karma, could care less if we believe they are out there.




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