Anthology Leadership and Authority

The Neighborhood Anthology
on Leadership & Authority ed. III

Authority to Lead

by Kelly Lewis 

Succumbing to fear we constantly hold ourselves back
Unsure and unwilling to bear the potential attacks
Of Authority on self-confidence that seems to lack
Understanding that everyone has something to add

Might we begin to curtail these damaging reflexes
To make conscious decisions in our best interests
Show some common courtesy, decency and respect
Supporting our communities without weighing regrets

Precious is the open mind that is capable to conceive
There’s beauty concealed in all unique, innate abilities
For truly, each of us has unlimited potential to lead
Democracy of chances to achieve collective dreams

Envision a supportive environment that feels safe
Celebrating our differences to exchange our fate

TAG: an online game played and published SEP 2015

2 Comments on “AUTHORITY TO LEAD

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  2. A trip down memory lane… this was a fun, exciting and meaningful game. It’s peculiar timing, as I needed to be reminded of my own words/advice, so I thank you for this! 🙂


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