The Neighborhood Anthology
on Leadership & Authority ed. IV


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by Da-shawn H-Y Loco Miles

It has been said, that money is the root of all evil. I say it’s the unconscious mind and the routine of which it feels forced to comply. A routine that obligates it to make that green paper a priority, and hold it on a higher pedestal; one even higher than family and friends, as opposed to earning money in support of them. And sometimes, the unconscious mind, holds it higher, then even human life itself.

Consciousness starts at home. I am a Young Black Man, a father, as well as a husband. I work hard to support my family, and my dreams of a large music career are in support of them, yet I am still a product of my environment. But I am no statistic. As a society, we are on edge with one another; either for very real reasons or those we are led to believe are real. For me, when cops kill unarmed civilians in America right now, and when there appears to be no cause, it affects me, the product I feel, a very real reason. And it affects us – the people – rather we believe it does or not. It affects the way we think. It divides us into camps; and We the people – both sides – get FED UP. We are not afraid, we are more like wounded lions with our backs to the wall, who choose to lash out and fight, even though it gets us no where at all. 

But we must learn to fight by speaking up and by taking action, like better educating our youth about their rights, about the do’s-and-don’ts, and about the contribution they will someday be expected to make; so rather then become victims of an unconscious era, we teach them to become leaders with authority and a conscious, who strive to make society better. 

Leadership at home is vital. Our children deserve a two parent household, a happy childhood and a carefree, but structured life, who are taught to respect authority and who understand, they are worth respect in return. Our children’s future should be the top priority, and the green paper we earn should be in support of making them better people, and not the root of all evil.  

Will we choose to stand up and fight with knowledge and care? or will we lie our family’s heads on a plank, delivering them on that pedestal, to be devoured by unconscious minds bent on destruction.

Time is of the essence, as it awaits no-one. We all have a contribution to make for the sake of a better future in this world. Will we choose to fight among ourselves and continue to poison the minds of the young, extending the same unfortunate circumstances into the next generation? or will we fight for change? What contribution will you make? Mine will be to my kids.



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  1. Great post. We need to be present in the lives of our families. There is no greater role for a parent. By saying with our presence and our words, I believe in you, we can inspire our children to be what they can and want to be. Yet, we should also show them how to advocate for themselves and the disenfranchised.

    I think often of two of my heroes, the younger influenced by the older, MLK and Gandhi. Their courage and conviction marched us forward. Yet, they knew violence could not be the weapon. It had to be civil disobedience. It is easier to fight, but much more courageous and effective to show quiet fortitude.

    We must use data based arguments along with that conviction and civil disobedience. I use the line often that my kids listen to me more when I whisper rather than shout. So, will those we are arguing with. Well done and best wishes, Keith

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