Angels are like diamonds. They can’t be made, you have to find them. Each one is unique. – Jaclyn Smith

Official 2016 ‘Our Week of Peace’ Anthem WORLD by 7th Born Productions


written & edited by
Kendall F. Person


ANGELS OF PEACEI understand skepticism and the need to analysis each situation even when the outcome has nothing to do with us. I know why our hearts pound when we are out late at night and a stranger is coming toward us, seemingly blocking our path toward escape, unknowing the stranger’s heart is pounding the very same way. It is easily understood, the cynicism, we attach to our leaders when they represent a different ideology than what we stand for. I comprehend why we scoff when we see others pray in a fashion, that does not meet our approval, since prayers are only answered if they are conducted in a certain way, or perhaps we laugh at the entire notion of prayer, worshiping a deity that does not exist anyway.

It may be to high a hill to climb, to accept that we are all right and we are all wrong in the way we and our families and our communities and our generations perceive the gift of life. But there must exist at least one entity that is not questioned or debated or wars created. And maybe The Neighborhood reaches too far into personal space in asking the neighbors, visitors and guests to clear our minds, for a moment at least, and think of what Angels means to us individually, allowing for our fellow man & woman to embrace whatever images, the word conjures up.

In layman’s terms, a guardian angel is a person who looks after or is concerned with the welfare of another. Islam believes angels were created out of light, before man and before earth, who exist to carry out Allah’s commands. In Christianity,  angels are messengers of God, but have free will, and those who used it to rebel, were cast out of the heavens, forever marked as demons, in allegiance with Lucifer, the devil himself. Angels are spirits to practitioners of the Jewish faith, divas or shining ones in Hinduism and the Buddhist faith. Embrace your belief, but for this one moment, revel in the knowing,  that newborn babies and small children are angels to all of us.


For 13 days in October of 1962, the world was held hostage, frozen in the international glare of a psychological warfare, by the world’s then only two superpowers – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic and the United States of America, in a mutually destructive game, formally known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Nuclear missiles placed in Turkey and Italy, too close for the Kremlin’s comfort, so construction began for the same in Cuba, just 70 miles off shore, testing Washington’s nerve.

Two men, President John F. Kennedy and  Premier Nikita Khrushchev, leaders of their respective states, possessing absolute power, hands on the buttons, who would blink first. Stable heads would enter the fray, negotiations for a peaceful solution would soon be underway. A test of wills, a blockade put in place, the world held its collective breath, mesmerized and freighted, both the same, as they watched a-no-winner-at-all spectacle play itself out. A pounding of the chest? A diabolical legacy wish? The Soviets would test the waters, blasting  a U2 aircraft out of the sky. A decision to not retaliate by President Kennedy would be made. A ringing sigh of relief, like the shot heard around the world. The following day, an agreement was reached, sparing both nations and millions of innocent people, from a self-destruction by flames.


rainbow babiesAngels. Did they whisper in their ears? Did they heed the wisdom of voices from their inner circles, acting as guardians of peace?  Or in a photo, or out the window, or within their minds, did an image of their own child appear; did they see the smiles of children and reckon or reasoned, “Angels”. So if only for this moment, can we all believe….. it was Angels that chose peace.


15 Comments on “ANGELS

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  3. Not such a silly idea. Sometimes during what has now been a long life, I have changed my mind or done something else other than my original intention. Always for the good, as it turned out. Very hard to explain it actually.

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  4. I thank God for guardian angels…there’s always someone watching whether we can agree to that, or not. And in these violent times I can only pray for angels, whatever they may be in the mind of each person, whether they believe or not in their existence, to please whisper peace into our minds, souls and bodies.

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      • I believe in peace too. The current state of the world is created by the illusion of separateness from each other we are stuck into. Any message of peace is lifting a little bit of the veil. Keep on making us see the possibility.

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  5. That was so beautiful! When angels are presented within the political realm, the essence is lost in rhetoric designed to persuade and sway others. Angels need no persuasion, but exemplifies goodness, purity, authenticity, altruism, good will, and self-actualization-humanity at its best. The closest that we come to angelic exaltation is in children. Think of the children when we shape their world and the world around them. What kind of world do we want for them-what legacy are we leaving for their futures?

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    • I am so glad you enjoyed the Angels show. And thank you so much for adding your voice and your thoughts and your wisdom. So good to have you in The neighborhood.


  6. When I was working at a nuclear weapons laboratory, I was listened one day to Sting’s “Russians.” Even the opening chords captured the feeling of dread that many felt regarding the potentially disastrous competition they were spear-heading. As you offer here, Sting’s prayer was “I hope the Russians love their children, too.”

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    • Brian -Hello Hope all is well. Late notice, I know (my apologies). Making a sincere effort toward positive communication after such a divisive election, but need to include a very important demographic. Any chance I could have your participation in COMMON GROUND?
      As always, no worries if you are unable to,but we would sure like to have you. All online, mostly Facebook and not much more than your honest answers Time is of the essence, however. – KP


      • Kendall: I am flattered by your offer. I’ve had many things to think about recently, and couldn’t focus enough to respond to your invitation.

        Thanks so much for supporting such a vibrant community, and for all the work that you do!


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