Cuban Missle Crisis

“Twitter closes the six degrees
of separation to one.” – Gary Vaynerchuk


intro:ripped from Angels
written by Kendall F. Person

For 13 days in October of 1962, the world was held hostage, frozen in the international glare of a psychological warfare, by the world’s then only two superpowers – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic and the United States of America, in a mutually destructive game, formally known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Nuclear missiles placed in Turkey and Italy, too close for the Kremlin’s comfort, so construction began for the same in Cuba, just 70 miles off shore, testing Washington’s nerve.

Two men, President John F. Kennedy and  Premier Nikita Khrushchev, leaders of their respective states, possessing absolute power, hands on the buttons, who would blink first. Stable heads would enter the fray, negotiations for a peaceful solution would soon be underway. A test of wills, a blockade put in place, the world held its collective breath, mesmerized and freighted, both the same, as they watched a-no-winner-at-all spectacle play itself out. A pounding of the chest? A diabolical legacy wish? The Soviets would test the waters, blasting  a U2 aircraft out of the sky. A decision to not retaliate by President Kennedy would be made. A ringing sigh of relief, like the shot heard around the world. The following day, an agreement was reached, sparing both nations and millions of innocent people, from self-destruction by flames.


It was in the way he spoke,
that both calmed a nation and forced a world power… to blink.

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