The Mother’s Day Show

Mothers Day


stevie wonder

Stevie Wonder by Robert Ball

“Mama was my greatest teacher;
a teacher of compassion,
love and fearlessness.

If love is sweet as a flower, 
than my mother is that sweet flower of love.” 
– Stevie Wonder

Mothers Day

To all the Mothers: please enjoy
If I Were a Bell 
by the late, great Teena Marie
perhaps written for a different relationship, the beautiful
thoughts transcend to Mother’s Day as well.

RIP Teena Marie

RIP Teena Marie courtesy of Adam Burrell

Mothers Day

Rudyard Kipling

“Rudyard Kipling” by Current History of the War New York Times Company.

“God could not be everywhere
and therefore, he made mothers.”
– Rudyard Kipling 

Mothers Day

Dear Mama, 

by the late, great Tupac Shakur
(a letter to his mother)

Afeni Shakur

Afeni (with her son) & Tupac Shakur

Mothers Day

‘To Be: What Our Mothers Have Taught Us’
(the State of Being)
by Kendall F. Person

the neighborhood
Be unique. Be original.
Be kind. Be giving and be free.
Be inventive. Take flight.
Be the one person, you have always wanted to be.
Be like your Mom or be like your Dad, if that is who you wish to be.
Be strong. Be humble. Be free.

Be the type of person that your kids would want to be.
Be an intellect. Be a clown. Be a daredevil. Be a smile.
Be emotional. Its okay to cry.
Be opinionated, but have an open mind.
Be an eagle and soar through the sky.
Be grounded, but never stop asking why.
Be the music. Be the song. Be the lyrics and be the voice that sings it all.

Be not afraid, to take a fall.
Be a friend, but not a fool.
Be a bridge and be the fire too.
Be stoic. Be proud. Be happy. Be sad.
Be a witness, but not a prophet.
Be committed to see it through.
Be a critic and be supportive too.

Be alive, until your last breath.
Be the past, be the present and be the future, as well.
But more than anything else….. just be yourself.

(thanks Mom, I love you)

Mother's Day Show

My Aunts & Uncle (my Mother, 2nd from left)
Happy Mother’s Day

On behalf of The Neighborhood 
a Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Mothers

* a special shout out to Nanny Rucker and Anna Simms
*shout out to Brainy Quotes
*The Neighborhood emblem by Keyur Panchal of Keep Picturing

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  2. Kendall, I love your poem and the Rudyard Kipling quote, in particular. Happy Mother’s Day to all readers of your blog where appropriate. Keith

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  3. Beautiful, Kendall. Although I just read and listened to this just this morning it was still a treasured ‘Mother’s Day’ gift to me. Well done. Thank you. XO


  4. Loved those “shout outs”! Only you can put on a Beautiful Special Mom’s Day tribute!!
    Just fabulous Kendall. Hope your having a wonderful weekend.

    *Catherine* XOXO 🙂

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  5. wow Mr Person what a beautiful poem. We should honor our mothers, every day. I’m like the old lady in a shoe, I have about 50 sons and daughters, only 6 are my birth kids, all grown up

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  6. I especially like the Aunts and Uncle picture … although it looks like they’re all about to jump off a ledge into the outer frame 🙂

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