The Sexiest Number?

ATTENTION NEIGHBORS VISITORS & GUESTS: Please allow a moment to take this quick & easy poll. Your response will directly determine an upcoming show. Thank you for your participation and collaborative efforts (big smile). – Kendall F. Person

Vote up to 4 numbers. For anonymous voting, please follow this link —-> The Sexiest Man in the Underground Or simply vote by number only in the comment section.

The Sexiest Number
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Polls close April 28, 2016 at 11:59pm EST


  1. […] The first vote began with an initial 35, (inclusive of only photographs). However, Poll Takers were allowed to nominate or add anyone of their choosing – within set criteria. (While no new names or faces were added, one pollster did add a link titled: Real Men Have Mastered Control of Themselves Not Others). A private poll was initially sent to 250 Women pollsters via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email under the title Who is The Underground’s Sexiest Man? Before going public as The Sexiest Number?   […]


  2. I don’t want to crude… but 69. And 3 looks like at least two body parts from a certain angle. And five has hips. Probably the least attractive number is 4.


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