Special Recognition: series finale ii:

the neighborhood encore

Series Finale part i: No Curtain Call for The Neighborhood’s Season V
March of the Flamingos series finale iii

The Neighborhood belongs to you too. 

(video) Theme from Golden Girls
Thank you for being a friend

The 2016 crew. It may have been a false start – mine’s, not yours – but I can never say enough, for your being there. Ready or not (big smile)

Kelly LewisKelly Lewis of Exclusive Inflictions has not only been in a record number 8 shows – from The Meaning of Life – our first multi artists collaborative short story, to 2015 Opening Day in which she conquered the poetry stage – to A Star is Born, then doubled down on her support and love with a donation. the younger brothers

H-Y Loco, Keyur Panchal Wa’Derrious DaKid Sellers for the soundtrack and the windows to an outside world and for finding leadership in my words, respectively.

the neighborhood encore

Flower Crittenden, Guy White & Kirby Workes for diehard, old school and bond, respectively.the mind game show encore

Lisa Troedson & Gary Gautier for being so incredible throughout the brief ride. I hope you come back.

Rebecca Lemke & Robert M. Goldstein for making such a big contribution in such a short period of time.

the neighborhood specials

Much love to all of the artists, performers, writers and contributors to The Neighborhood stage. if you make to the big stage, please do not forget to waive.

And to the neighbors, visitors, special guests and friends who found something here that meant something to their world. You have always been appreciated.

And thank you to everyone that has ever shared knowledge or delivered words of gratitude. You inspire me.

The Story of Us Book i is over,  but Book ii is within reach. (big smile)

— Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger & The Neighborhood (Captain)

the city by Robert M. Goldstein

the city by Robert M. Goldstein

12 Comments on “Special Recognition: series finale ii:

  1. It’s amazing that you do as much as you do, Kendall. When the Age of Aquarius comes, you will be in the pantheon. Robert, love your pic as always — chaos in bright, bold colors. Lisa, I’m going to miss you. But only for a while. Then I’m sure we’ll all be back together for something.

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    • Yes you will. If I owe Lisa a show, I you a stage. Your sense of understanding or asking questions to understand or in sharing your knowledge, and spirit of imagination, defines what The Neighborhood has always been about.You are appreciate Gary.

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  2. I am proud to have a place in the neighborhood. And I’m proud of the artists I’ve met through the neighborhood. And I’m proud to know you, Kendall.

    Thank you for this, and for the respect you’ve shown me this past year.

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    • RG – You are most welcome my friend and a most welcome influence into The Neighborhood, from your first day here and never let up. We still have work to do, I will figure this puzzle out (big smile).- KP p.s. I see your other messages coming, I will read and respond shortly.

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    • Lisa – You are one class act. Another week it will not be. No new date set as of yet. But if your schedule is full when the game returns, no worries, I will have another show for you in the future (huge smile) – KP

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      • That is very kind Kendall, thank you💋I’ll be waiting for it and I’m ready whenever that happens! BRING IT ON💁🏻I love being a part of this Neighborhood. You are an amazing human being and I’m proud to be a friend of yours! I admire you so much. Thanks for bringing me in. (Grinning) Much❤️to you Kendall~

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