Society Online Has Its Villages Too

Society Online Village

There exist a Society Online that remains undiscovered, yet are doing things that may contribute to a more civil, peaceful society, through beauty, art, activism or sure presence of self. Season V sets off on a journey of knowledge & discover to make contact with other neighborhoods like ours. .

“It takes a village to raise a child.” – Igbo and Yoruba (Nigeria) Proverb

As we approach Opening Day of The Neighborhood’s 5th Season, the only limitations, even the most original and imaginative collaborative of artists cannot conquer, is its value in the minds of its supporters, fans, friends, family and the performers, that have benefited from its stage.

(name, city & The Neighborhood show/post)
Shrestha Bibash, Kathmandu Nepal, Mark Safe: Eyes on Nepal & Young Black  Men
Marla Davis, Denver Colorado, The Lives We Live,  A Star is Born
John Akers, Los Angeles California, A Star is Born


“The Neighborhood is one of the most eclectic and exciting gathering points for artists of all disciplines on in cyberspace. I hope everyone who can will support this artist collaborative.” – Ned Hickson, Humorist & Syndicated Columnist

Blog remains the umbrella term and format of WordPress, but you will never hear it used by those intimately or even remotely aware of The Neighborhood located at & thepublicblogger FB Page and all over the world in the hearts and minds of collaborative artists, thinkers, peace seekers and imaginative performaners. .

The Humming by Photographer Gabor Dvornik, Budapest Hungary,
2015 The Neighborhood Award Recipient
Rebecca Lemke, Lahoma Oklahoma, 2015 Best Performance by An Artists, A Star is Born
Wa’Derrious DaKid Sellers, Atlanta Georgia, Young Black Men, The MIND + GAME Show
Flower Crittenden, Sacramento California, The Lives We Live, The MIND + GAME Show
Robert M. Goldstein, San Francisco California, Artist, Activist, Mental Health Survivor and recently named Season V: The Neighborhood Art Director


Constructing a bridge between Facebook and here has allowed nearly 200 visual, recording & written-word artists, interns & students of their craft, community activists, academics and a generation of young men that sometimes feel invisible, to have had a voice or the stage to be heard, seen and enjoyed as entertainers.

A very short list 
A Forgotten Life: 3-part series about memory loss & dementia co-written by Tomaj Javidtash, a theoretical physicist
First Annual Week of Peace
#TAG: The Neighborhood Anthology on Leadership & Authority, ex. i – ix
Reality Shows – groundbreaking online entertainment

On March 13, Season V MIND + GAMES opens, and we try to do it all over again… only better


The MIND + GAME Show

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Donate if you can and if you believe, this is your neighborhood too. 




7 Comments on “Society Online Has Its Villages Too

  1. I know there is a society online but I still find myself in the online forest amongst the trees, birds and animals in writing solitude. Watching the sun come up over the mountains hearing my wife complaining about last nights marauders in her garden finding new plants or just listening to the birds I am happy and content to be there its nice to know that like real life there is a village just under that button where I can find like minded people


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