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round three

Kendall F. Person
Good evening. My name is Kendall F. Person and I will be your host. The 8 remaining Artists also known as the 2015 Best Performance of the Year Nominees, were given a more difficult challenge this week, and were backdoor-ed into it, as a matter of fact (big smile).  As artists, once we have learned, perfected and mastered our craft, we find that we become better attuned in understanding the other genres of The Arts.

As they trailed in one by one into the Backstage Access Room, they were asked a general but pointed question: What is the one genre of The Arts, that you are unfamiliar with but would like to become more studied in?

Tonight’s performances are raw, unedited and created under the pressure of a timer in a discipline of the arts that they may or may not have ever practiced….. until now.

Without further adieu….. An All Around Artist

Complexity Scale based on level of difficulty
and Artists’ experience within genre.
1 – Highest
8- Lowest


summer rose

Digital Photographer Summer Rose
Discipline Given: Sculpture
Complexity Scale: 1 (highest)


the heart“I am a person who loves plays and works deeply
so everything I do is based on my feelings my heart”Summer and Marcus

The photo of me and my boyfriend is it. He is one of the most important things in my life and a lot of what I do is for him

falling star

Ned Hickson

Humorist Ned Hickson
City: Florence OR
Discipline Given: Poetry
Complexity Scale: 8


River's Edge

The River’s Edge
by Ned Hickson

At the river’s edge
reflections swept away
by the current
from the current to the past
the eddies of yesterday

Where choices once made
upon life’s changing tides
often return
from a distant ocean
where memory resides

To drown in its stillness
or emerge from the swell?
In salty gasps
and choking,
most choose never to tell

Remaining on the surface
by just letting go
trusting to float
while drifting
above the darkness below

Back to the same spot
to make the same pledge
about moving on
while forever standing
at the river’s edge…

Oscar Plascencia

Oscar Alejandro Plascencia
City: La Puente CA
Discipline Given: Drawing
Complexity Scale: 2


© 2015 Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

She comes from the cerulean depths
With golden halo on her head
To guard your heart with every breath
And fight for Love until the death
So when you feel your fear rescind
It is her love come on the wind

Some say she comes only at night
While others say only in Spring
She’ll stoke the fires burning bright
Within your heart and make it sing
But if you fail to believe
She’ll spread her wings and take her leave

Charles OkpereCharles Okpere
City: Lagos Nigeria
Discipline Given: Photo Essay
Complexity Scale: 6

charles okpereCharles Okpere

charles okpere


Rebecca Lemke

Rebecca Lemke
City: Lahoma OK
Discipline Given: Videology
Complexity Scale: 5


H-Y Loco, Hip Hop/R&B
City: Sacramento
Discipline Given: Photo Essay
Complexity Scale: 7


Anew(Duo), Contemporary Gospel
City: Chicago
Discipline Given: Short Film
Complexity Scale: 3


Kelly Lewis, Poet
City: Los Angeles
Discipline Given: Songwriting
Complexity Scale: 4

Chasing the Dream
Written by: Kelly Lewis
Performed by: John Akers

When you can’t wait any longer to figure it out
Or for someone else to show you around
Cause all you have is right here and now
You don’t know how, but make that vow

Keep chasing the dream
Of who you’re meant to be

Stumble alone through defeated crowds
Pour your bleeding heart out, loud
Fight to standout and get it all down
With both feet on the ground get lost within the sound

Keep chasing the dream
Of who you’re meant to be

Raise your voice above the noise
Working hard to tear down and destroy
The fantasy of living reality
Of who you’re destined to be

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  6. Ned Hickson, you really got me on that poem; it gave me shivers of joy.

    All of these entries are excellent.

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  7. WOW! What an outstanding show! Everyone brought their game. I am truly honored to share this stage with all of you. You stepped out of your comfort zones and you all embraced the task. Bravo and well done everybody, yes even the behind the scenes folk, give yourselves a round of applause. 👏

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  8. Oscar Alejandro Plascencia’s painting and poem go hand in hand. There’s an integrity that holds them together, one reflecting on the other. I like his contribution very much.

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  9. Such a diverse group. Such a talented group. Such an honor to be part of this group. Best of luck to everyone tonight! Whatever the outcome, you should be proud of meeting this challenge with creativity and inspiration. Well done, everyone! And a big tip of the hat to Kendall for putting it all together — Thank You!

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  10. Another awesome Sunday. This weeks entries brought me to a place I’ve been missing in my life. Connectivity. You all produced amazing work. Such a wonderful cast.
    How can one compare. Thank you for the opportunity to vote. I enjoyed each one.
    Good luck to all.

    Kendall, well done orchestrating 🙏

    Oscar and Kelly. Superbly done. In awe of your talent and a privilege to call you both dear friends. 🙏❤️

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  11. Reblogged this on Exclusive Inflictions and commented:
    I stepped out of my comfort zone, and wrote my very first song, which my nephew John performed and recorded beautifully in less than 24 hrs. Please view the show and vote for your favorite three performers.

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