A Star is Born – The Photo Op

“The program tonight’s gonna be swell.”
– Danny McGuire, A Star is Born 1937


from the The Exorcist the short story,
a The Neighborhood original composition
by Canadian composer Renan Javier – Last Tango


How the Season-ending Show & the 3rd Annual thepublicblogger Awards transformed into A Star is Born…. start here

Jack & BelindaA Star is Born: Jack & Belinda Edition eps. II

A Star is Born: Jack & Belinda Edition eps III

Her heart nearly imploded when her mother whispered in her ear. Belinda continued looking directly into the mirror and although she had never looked more beautiful in her life, all she wanted to do was cry.  Adorned in a beautifully handmade white wedding dress – the color was not only of tradition, but Belinda Michelle Jackson had been untouched. Her mother stood stoic, from the old school, the man that her daughter was to marry, would build her a safe life, and that was important to her. But Mrs. Frances Jackson knew safe was not the choice her daughter would have ever made, if not forced by her father.

When her mother’s hand touched her back, the soothing warmth of a mother’s love could not control the avalanche of emotions of marrying man she did not love, and living a life she did not want. And the news of its arrival, the letter she had long been waiting for; her audition tape had been accepted and she was a finalist for the grand production of A Star is Born, more dreams crushed and destroyed. But when her mother whispered again in her ear “Run.” Belinda started running in her flowing wedding gown. She ran out of the chapel and down the lane, with her father screaming “Belinda, you get  back here!” But all she heard was her mother’s voice. “Run Belinda. Run and make me proud!” Belinda knew it was coming, but all she could do was run. When her mother turned to face her father, Belinda could almost feel the solid blow that staggered her mother backwards… but did not knock her out. to be ccontinued


nominees best performance of year


Kendall F. Person
Good evening everyone and Welcome to The Neighborhood and welcome to A Star is Born: 2015 Best Performance of the Year Nominees Edition II. Eleven of the most talented artists, the underground has uncovered were challenged with one simple, but all too important task: To share their work via thepublicblogger Facebook Page, to allow a wider audience to get to know them, and to share one other nominees work via their own timelines, to discover, sharing does no harm to our own pursuits, in fact, enriches even the one who shares. But because all future stars need them, the main challenge was in producing an original photograph of themselves.  (internal scoring 30%)

Photo Op Challenge

from Lagos Nigeria Charles Okpere nominated for
Best Performance of the Year – Leadership in Writing.

Charles Okpere
from Lahoma Oklahoma, Rebecca Lemke nominated for
Best Performance of the Year  – Entire Blog

Rebecca Lemke

from San Francisco California, Robert M. Goldstein nominated for
Best Performance of the Year – Cross Selection of The Arts

Robert M. Goldstein


from Sacramento California, Summer Rose nominated for
Best Performance of the Year – Digital Photography

Summer Rose


from Chicago Illinois, Anew(Duo) nominated for
Best Performance of the Year – Contemporary Gospel



from Hollywood California, Christian Marc nominated for
Best Performance of the Year – Writer/Entire Blog

Christian Marc


from Sacramento California, H-Y Loco nominated for
Best Performance of the Year – Music in Artists Collaborations

H-Y Loco


from Los Angeles California, Kelly Lewis nominated for
Best Performance of the Year – Poetry in Artists Collaborations

Kelly Lewis

from Boston Massachusetts, Steis nominated for
Best Performance of the Year – Songwriting



from La Puente California, Oscar Plascencia nominated for
Best Performance of the Year – Original Performances

Oscar Plascencia

from Florence Oregon, Ned Hickson nominated for
Best Performance of the Year – Humor in Video/Blog

Ned Hickson


Vote a star is born 2015

(70% of total score)


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