The Neighborhood’s Short Film of the Month: This Day Burns Mistakes Don’t Lie Remix by Guy White’s Two 80

two 80

I just love comic books.
I’ve always loved comic book art,
and I just think its amazing.
– Zayn Malik


In their traditional form, comic strips have always been big business and have proved, more then any other entertainment industry, they can weather the test of time. Comic Con is not simply the biggest comic book convention in the country, it is one of the biggest conventions in the world. And franchises like Superman, Batman and Spiderman have raked in staggering totals – somewhere in the billions – since their humble beginnings.

Enter the technology age and the comic strips have bulldozed their way in. This Day Burns Mistake Don’t Lie Remix by Chicago’s Guy White under the guise of TWO 80, has produced a hip, fast and wild animated comic strip in video form. It is loud, brash and good. He has several previews, apparently still under production, so if you enjoy this information-age-comic-book-thrill-ride, more is on the way.

This Day Burns Mistake Don’t Lie Remix by TWO80


a star is born

5 Comments on “The Neighborhood’s Short Film of the Month: This Day Burns Mistakes Don’t Lie Remix by Guy White’s Two 80

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  2. Absolutely outstanding! Highly creative, superbly produced and immaculately polished. I think the comic strip here has transferred brilliantly to the animated format without any loss whatsoever of its traditional appeal or innate quality and character. By using many of the story-telling devices associated more directly with contemporary animated filmmaking (one thinks of Japanese animation particularly) the comic strip has been elevated by degrees. This rendering is exceptionally good. Loved the movement, timing, sequencing, soundtrack, and the intensity of the piece. Awesome! Can’t wait to see more.

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    • Thank you for adding your voice and it is so good to know that you enjoyed The Neighborhood’s short film of the month. I will be sure that the producer is aware of your comments. You are appreciated and thank you for being a part of The Neighborhood.

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      • Hey Kendall,

        It’s most considerate of you to return a reply. Thank you for your kind appreciation. I must also thank Robert Goldstein whose Blog first brought The Neighbourhood to my attention. He is himself a very talented artist and writer and an exceptional human being.

        Indeed, I very much enjoyed this short film, thank you, and thought it an exciting departure from the norm. I sincerely hope the Artists involved will persist with their vision and continue to build further on their success, as it is most assuredly deserved.

        Animation is a superb medium for self-expression and without doubt provides an immense contribution to the Filmic Arts. Having studied Animation and Filmmaking to Degree level, I appreciate the heights of artistic freedom to be found when investing creative energy, time and effort in its conception and delivery…the opportunity to experience and maintain an unprecedented level of personal control from first to last frame is both exhilarating and cathartic.

        I do hope time affords me the opportunity to be a regular visitor to The Neighbourhood, it is certainly a very lively, diverse and creatively engrossing site, and I thank you for the implied welcome in your kind reply. With gratitude,


        DN – 16/09/2015

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