‘Blurred Lines’ Disaster Rocks The Underground – but Clears Path for Stars to Shine

cj wartley

Music, not sex, got me aroused.
– Marvin Gaye

Even before The Neighborhood’s Season III reached its climatic end on December 31, 2014, the decision had already been made, that we would strive for original art to go along with the original shows, and with music, the gauntlet was thrown down, that all indie artists would have to demonstrate that the beats or the lyrics or the hooks belong to them or they had the proper permissions to sample.

A little resistance came our way but it did not matter, it was the respectability of this artists collaborative community, that overruled any and all reasons, that an artists may conjure up, to not create their art or understand the industry and the permissions that it takes.  And it wasn’t just thepublicblogger, upstart radio stations and promoters begin clearly posting the words “Clean Songs” not in reference to profanity, but specifically toward copyright infringement.

On March 10, 2015, only nine days after The Neighborhood’s Season IV debut and its hard line on originality and ownership in song enacted, the bough did not simply break, it exploded leaving one of the world’s biggest songs “Blurred Lines” in tatters, and the careers of its duo in doubt, when the jury unleashed its full fury, dropping an astounding $7.5 million verdict, wiping the millionaire entertainers’ shares out.

Many young artists like Philadelphia’s Bilal Smith understood the new day was now here, and cleansed his catalog without question. But some, either do not understand or think they can outsmart the hustle, in a game of which, they are not even pawns as of yet. The real hustle is upon arriving on the big stage as a legitimate contender, a confident showboat entertainer, not one who is leery of the discovery of their inner Milli Vanilli.

introducing music producer CJ Wartley
All Business, Play Later!

Without ever meeting him or saying anything to him, or reading anything about him, I knew that if anyone in the complex world of the underground, understood the hustle, it was music producer CJ Wartley. When I requested a photo, take a look above or below and note the one he sent. All Business, Play Later! a calling card that proceeds the person, with such a descriptive force, a pretender would be uncovered at hello. He is telling you up front who he is and that, he expects you to be who you say you are too.That’s business.

Ambitious, socially savvy and an ongoing comprehension of the game, are all attributes that support his business savvy, but his skills and knowledge as a music producer, on display in On Deck’s All I Know, is why CJ Wartley was delivered the spotlight, as the first music producer to cover a – The Neighborhood show.

cj wartley

Music Producer CJ Wartley

I recorded this particular track a little different from others. In hopes to expose them (On Deck) to industry standard sound and professionalism. Being that I’m not from the south, my way of corporate thinking isn’t relatable. So I thought I would try the silent approach this go around. They are slowly working on a video concept for the song. That’s all I know at this point. Once again, I truly appreciate your words. Most never express gratitude for anything unless the spotlight shines on them. God bless.

If the bounce in the energetic beat does not grab you, and if the soulful voice, skillfully laid over the perfectly in sync chorus, fails to move you, the lyrics “All I do is think about the hustle. All I do is dream about the hustle.” will have you hooked. And all of this takes places in the song’s first 15 seconds – no need for long introductions – well before the trio of lead performers take the mic and conquer the stage. And all I know, is that All I Know by On Deck – a group or not – has just raised the bar in underground collaborations of the recording arts.

On Deck Rumors

On any given day, of any given week I will meet over a hundred visual, recording and written-word artists. Not in the conventional sense, there is no meeting for coffee or stopping by after work, but through their artistry we can learn what is in their heart and sometimes soul. But very rarely can an opinion about one’s business sense be made from such a distance a way, but Music Producer CJ Wartley announces that he is coming All Business, Play Later! and backs it up upon arrival.

– Kendall F. Person

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