Recording Genius

What moves those of genius,
what inspires their work, is not new ideas,
but their obsession with the idea
that what has already been said is still not enough.
– Eugene Delacroix

Dominic Jones, The Neighborhood intern, York, Pennsylvania

Hello. My name is Dominic Jones and as The Neighborhood’s first intern, I am honored to have been asked to present the nominees for the 2014 Thepublicblogger Awards Song of the Year. With so many talented underground recording artists, each of you should feel very proud. Drum roll please.

And the nominees are…..

Jeremy Harrell
new country singer Jeremy Harrell, Chesapeake, Virginia

The only underground country singer to receive a nomination, with his first song no less, Nashville may soon take notice. From  The Meaning of Life series finale, here is Jeremy Harrell with ‘Walk On’.

Rashad Neutch
Hip Hop Artist Rashad Neutch, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In perhaps, the biggest shocker of the early awards season, is the nomination of this hip hop artist that holds the dubious distinction of being the only underground entertainer to be expelled from The Neighborhood. From Goodbye Sunday: The Depths of Crazy the final episode, here is Rashad Neutch with ‘Tell Em That’,

Masala musician, Ofir Jrock, Shaharut, Israel
Masala musician, Ofir Jrock, Shaharut, Israel

A bold inclusion of a dazzling style of music known as Masala and only recently introduced to The Neighborhood. From Hail Mary 2 Decades After The Million Man March, here is Ofir Jrock with ‘Desert Dance’.

Keenan Rucker
Hip Hop Artist Keenan Rucker, mid Missouri

For over 2 months, The Neighborhood scoured the midwest in a desperate attempt to locate – from the sounds and feel of this dark yet brilliant song – a lost soul. When he finally arrived from incarceration, we were relieved of his safety and pray that he makes good use of his talent and his freedom. From The Meaning of Life series finale, here is Keenan Rucker with ‘Without You’.

Patricia L
R&B/Gospel singer Patricia Scott, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The second entry from the City of Brotherly Love {and Sisterly Affection}, the sole female nominee and the only gospel song, she may prove to be a triple threat. From Oh, Ferguson Missouri, Not You Too here is Patricia L  with ‘The Change’.

recording genius 2014 song of the year nominees
rockers Crosses from Los Angeles, California

A smooth voice, a driven bassline and  not since Linkin Park have screams made you want to dance.  From No Ordinary Love – a rock opera, here is Crosses, with ‘this is a trick‘.

Renan Javier
Composer Renan Javier, Vancouver Canada

Naturally gifted, this composer has a promising future in the Science of Motion Pictures & Arts. From One Life to Live, here is Renan Javier with ‘Rise of the Dynasty Overture’.

Hussle Crowe
Hip Hop Artist Hussle Crowe, Detroit, Michigan

His style may be hard, his lyrics may offend, but there is no underground rapper who flows as hard as him. And to confirm his absolute domination, he has received a nomination for The Neighborhood’s Best Song…. for the second year in a row. From Life Stories here is Hussle Crowe with ‘I Deserve That’ {parental discretion advised}.


Poetic Healing Best Poetry/Spiritual Healing blog or post.

a collision of The Arts,
a feast for the Imagination,
Literature on an altitude,
simply unheard of.

Welcome to The Neighborhood




  1. Love the Delacroix quote. I had seen his work in reproduction in books, and from a historical perspective, He was supposed to be the bomb. I saw one in person in Chicago. It did not live up to my expectations. Of course, this would fall in line with what he said. 🙂

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