Quantum Strangeness & Becoming Oneself

The Neighborhood special guest collaborator, Tomaj Javadtash is a Theoretical Physicist working on his PhD with research focused on the Foundational Issues of Quantum Mechanics at the University of Maryland. As we prepare for Part Two – Strangers – of A Forgotten Life, our 3-part look into memory, dementia & memory loss, I invite you to take a deeper look inside the mind of a great thinker. Rather we disagree with his premise is, quite frankly, academic. Rather we understand his logic is of little relevance. What is more important is allowing our minds to dissect a puzzle, to interpret knowledge of a different kind, to expand our world on another level and to briefly, absorb the discipline of quantum physics.

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Our classical world is composed of mutually exclusive alternatives: Everything is either something or something else; it is a this or a that, though we may be unaware of these identities due to ignorance. A color is always either red or not red; two socks in a closed box are either a pair or not a pair whether we look inside or not. There is never a middle case in the classical world.

Quantum world, however, is quite different. Besides the two/many mutually exclusive alternatives everything in between too exists. A color is at once all colors until we pick one color by looking at it! A particle has no particular place until we force it to pick a place by measuring its place!

It turns out that mutually exclusive alternatives, our classical world, is only a small and often filtered portion of the underlying reality. Which reality we pick…

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  2. I enjoyed reading the post. It sounded “nerdy” at first but totally relatable to us as unique individuals. It was this humanness that spoke to me. In the end, I wanted to read more. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I love the tag line of your blog. “Where writing is a performance art and every post is a show.” Definitely sounds like the place to be. I’m in. 😊


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