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The 10 Movies that Define Our Altruistic Self

top 10 movies

Chaos in government, driven by self-centeredness, let us take some away to discover our altruistic self.

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Say No to Yes

Dr. Leslie Weber said Yes, to protect her daughter. But why do we say yes, when the answer is no?

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CONGRESSIONAL 22: How The Political State Affects Our Mental Health

Anxiety and Politics

Politics has begun to wear down our mental state. But Congressional 22 discovered a way to nurture their mental health.

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Just Be Cool

Quentin Tarantino Just Be Cool

“Each of us holds the power to defuse our own anger and even others’. This is especially critical because often it’s not our own fuse that hinders our success; its someone else’s”.

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Like Evel Knievel

lessons in marketing evel kneivel

Evel Knievel was more than a daredevil, he was history in the making.

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