The Blogosphere, the Neighborhood

Building The Neighborhood into the destination of my vision, is not without challenges, but there is never a day,I am not humbled, proud and dedicated to following that vision through. The Blogosphere, the Neighborhood – from the blog Hike and Forage – has reminded me of why I started and why there is no turning back. You are appreciated.

Hike and Forage

Right off the bat I will clarify that the聽Neighborhood initiative is (c) thepublicblogger (of whom I will talk more shortly); I鈥檓 just leaning on it聽to elaborate on today鈥檚 point.

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9 Comments on “The Blogosphere, the Neighborhood

  1. Kendall, keep doing what you do. I’ve made some amazing connections – thanks to you. 馃檪


  2. Thanks, Kendall, for introducing us to this blogger, who in turn truly introduced me to you.


  3. It麓s my honour for having met your work Mr. Kendall, and my guess that quite a few people feel the same. Every time I pass through your blog you make it interesting(not only through writing but how the blog/posts are set up), you bring up relevant-important issues, you are a source of inspiration, and I麓m glad I麓ve had the chance to “meet” you. You麓re the man, hope this last for some time.


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