The Blogosphere, the Neighborhood

Building The Neighborhood into the destination of my vision, is not without challenges, but there is never a day,I am not humbled, proud and dedicated to following that vision through. The Blogosphere, the Neighborhood – from the blog Hike and Forage – has reminded me of why I started and why there is no turning back. You are appreciated.

Hike and Forage

Right off the bat I will clarify that the Neighborhood initiative is (c) thepublicblogger (of whom I will talk more shortly); I’m just leaning on it to elaborate on today’s point.

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  1. It´s my honour for having met your work Mr. Kendall, and my guess that quite a few people feel the same. Every time I pass through your blog you make it interesting(not only through writing but how the blog/posts are set up), you bring up relevant-important issues, you are a source of inspiration, and I´m glad I´ve had the chance to “meet” you. You´re the man, hope this last for some time.


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