The Remembrance: An Artist Collaborative of a Past Life

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My mother use to say
If the remembrance
is a better time
and a better place
than I have no memory at all
– excerpt from The Remembrance by Kendall F. Person

drawings by – introducing – artworksaustral

The Remembrance: An Artist Collaborative of a Past Life



Jimi Hendrix Drawing by artworksaustral



Elizabeth Taylor by artworksaustral



Ned Kelly



Rosa Parks by Simon Kregar



’59 Cadillac

{press play}

Thank you to my friends at The Chris Brake Show for introducing me to the work of daniel-jaffke, who was killed in a senseless act of violence.

A special thank you to our featured artist, artworksaustral for sharing his gift with The Neighborhood.
Rosa Parks courtesy of Simon Kregar

A special thank you to Wake the Public Productions, for its imaginative video creations.

Coming Soon….

On Thursday February 13th….
the ordinary becomes extraordinary.
Our Featured Presentation: An Ordinary Woman
debuts @ 5:00 p.m. PST

And on Sunday March 10, 2014….
The Neighborhood proudly presents a global event

The Depths of Crazy

Stay with us, for @, writing is a performance art and every post is a show

17 Comments on “The Remembrance: An Artist Collaborative of a Past Life

  1. 🙂 So nice to wake to this posting!!! I loved it all the way to the end. If I wasn’t inspired at first, I am now… Thanks for sharing this….oh, I’m really feel that song as well… (Humbled)


  2. Kendall, great music art, & wisdom. .I’m new to the “blogging scene”. I’ll be back to read more of your blogs. Thanks!


  3. I’m not entitled to even think so, but when I read ypur mothers words, my first thought is, I wished I have met her. Because it’s word of wisdom and strenght that cna’t be bought or copied -only lived.
    Leaving the past behind is a dilemma, because if leaving it without filling it up with something with meaning, is leaving a big hole in your soul. and how do you find the meaning of the past you doesn’t wan’t to remember? I’m struggling personally with that.
    I have by my own stubborness created a great life, I have manage to educate myself, coming back after years of heartproblems, getting a good job, raising my everything, my two wonderful sons, I manage to have a car and a nice home even if I’m a singel mom. What a good life. Yes, But I don’t take a single breath without feeling the breath of that little girl inside who grew up in a louse environment and who lost her trust in herself and others, I don’t take a step without at the same time carruning her in my arms. And i have no place to put her sown where I think she’ll be safe, so that i could carry on with myself, leaving the past behind. I don’t dare to forget the past. because if i do, who would look after her then.

    Thank you Kendall, for that you make me and all other neighbours feel welcome to your blog. it means so much.


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