Introducing Ahmad Al Charif ‘Wake Up!’

From the blog, Achieving Harmony: Mind versus Soul, introducing…. Ahmad Al Charif  
‘Wake Up’ is an amazing piece of literature, a profound editorial and a brilliant display of peace.
– thepublicblogger

Ahmad Al Charif

wake up - ahmad al charif blog

Who are we really? Or more accurately, what are we?


Scientifically speaking, you start with the body, we are

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  1. Is this the only blog that you have? If not, I’d like to see the rest of them. This is a great blog. You are very creative too. Here is another one that I am working on. I think Tisha Campbell and her husband Duane are doing great things recognizing me at their lounge


  2. We are divine beings having a human experience, not the other way round. I remember, because it’s daily. We all must take time. Time to be still, and time to move. It’s all an act of balance, with free will thrown in. :-).
    “Teach us to care, and not to care: teach us to be still.-T.S. Elliott


    • shamainrhallett – Thank you for adding your voice and for visiting Ahmad’s community. I found the post an experience and I am so grateful of the reception this young philosopher is receiving. But The Neighborhood is such a powerful place, the artists that showcase, the neighbors that support and the visitors that pass through are so much a part of the energy that feeds from you into me. You are appreciated.


    • Ahmad Al Charif was a visitor in The Neighborhood today. He left his footprints, with ‘Likes’ of 2 particular posts, (I’m Different & The Pronunciation of a Flatline the conclusion) that for some reason, and I am still trying to determine what it is, I found the combination striking, and immediately departed to his community, and Wake Up! was the first post I read. It caught me and it stayed with me and I wanted to share that emotion within The Neighborhood. Thank you, Carol, for leaving your voice in this forum, you are appreciated.


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