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Animal Analogies

If you ever feel like turning back, just think about the flamingo.

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The Neighborhood Kick-Off Party South Beach Stage: featuring Childs

South Beach Stage

Staying power may be the most difficult of all task in the industry of recording arts. But Childs has been paid his dues to the underground, perhaps Show Me is where he’ll make his mark.

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Season IV Kick-Off Party Bluegrass Stage: Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings

kick-off festival

Even a party takes time to slow dow

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The Neighborhood Kick-Off Party: The Underground Stage featuring Jay Red and A World Premiere by Swift Slay & Nino Brown

Swift Slay

from Miami Florida a world premiere and the introduction of a new resident artist. What better way to get the party started.

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Director Fran Daddy Brings a Song of Inspiration to Life

song of inspiration

a cameraman captures, a director imagines.

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