Dodgeball Nation

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” – Patches O’Houlihan, Dodgeball


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by Kendall F. Person

Everytime I hear a newscaster or a politician say these three words “This is unprecedented.”  I say to myself  (No it isn’t.) but now is the time for me to start saying it outloud. No it isn’t. It is certainly a time unexperienced by anyone currently living in the United States, in its entirety anyway, but it is far from the peak of divisional excess. We forget about a little something called the Civil War, that  cost Americans in its own blood, over 600,000 lives.

Both parties deprecated war; but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive; and the other would accept war rather than let it perish. And the war came.” – 16th US President Abraham Lincoln, (The Confederacy of The Last Slave)

And even as ill-begotten as the Kavanaugh Confirmation hearings have become, it rings the same bell as the Clarence Thomas Confirmation hearings, and only Republican Senator James Blake (and at least one other) knows if the story will end the exact same way.  And while the issue  of race is never far from the center of any debate, just like in 1991, it is no longer about the Women’s Movement. It is more aligned with the Civil War, I say, as there is a clear difference between right and wrong, and the only qualifying fact, is if we throw it up to blue or red.

But where the difference is stark – between now and then – it is less a clear battle between specific demographics, but more of a society difference, and choosing sides is not preordained (for some reason) but is being played out, in strategic anger and ferocity as if the victors will be rewarded with Dodgeball Nation.




In 1978, the large corporations and politicians needed to shut down all that union talk before the laborers, especially working women, who were not fighting for necessarily higher pay, but simple decency and some dignity inside the workplace. So her seething bosses sent in the police, not just to drag out the rabble rouser, but to assure her humiliation would continue to suppress all those women from getting a bright idea. But the imagination of the White men in power was limited,  so they were not ready for a woman named Crystal Lee Sutton, who actually believed in what she was fighting for, As the police approached, she stood inside belief,  delivering a defining moment. – Stand Inside Belief


Unlike Dodgeball the 2004 motion picture starring a hilarious  Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller, where teams played professionally and the rag tag Average Joe’s Gym was always going to win versus the lying, cheating Globo-Gym in the end. Most everyone identified with the good guys striking it rich in fair play. But not in Dodgeball Nation, where political warfare is on par with gangs  of the late 1980s, that nearly pulverized many American communities. Heck, even the colors are the same. But the sides are  not picked in vast groups, but one by one as even the roles of class and race have been muddled. (But not education; another post on another day)

Kanye West goes to the Red Team.
Blue picks up Arnold Schwarzenegger
Joy Behar is nearly hysterical in blue passion (not meant as a compliment)
White Women Republican voters stood hardcore for alleged pedophile Roy Moore in Alabama, even though his 9 accusers where White Women Republican voters in Alabama.
Dreamers & Puerto Ricans have been forced blue
Cubans go red; and as horribly as they have been treated, immigrants from Latin America still come under the same administration that took their kids.

  and so on…

And while I have voted democrat since I was 18, since  the George Bush administration, it is not the party that I take sides with, but rather the resistance to what I see as a government, building itself with isolationism on the world stage and  insulating itself with an unsustainable rage.
Dodgeball Nation


In 1831, only 30 years prior to the onslaught of Civil War, a man named Nat Turner would send shockwaves through the slave owners’ families (white men were in power) when Mr. Turner – a slave – choreographed a slave rebellion, so successfully, it would survive in history and legend. Finding himself in a different mental state than his father, who when he escaped only freed himself. He listened closer to the words when he preached the gospel.

With an absolute belief in God and that he was ordained, to give his and to take life as he had no other means to fight the inhumanity of slavery. It took two days, for the men in power to defeat an army of 30 freed and present slaves, But if Lindsay Graham brought back the rallying cry for the angry white man, over a flawed justice, that will be bestowed with ultimate power over the law of the land,  imagine (if you must) how incensed the white slave owners were on the day Nat Turner took over.

In retaliation, 120 slaves were killed. But in order to double the number of 60, that the Nat Turner Rebellion took from them. they  killed innocent slaves, that refused to rebel and in fact, obeyed their master. And when  Crystal Lee Sutton (I call her Norma Rae) bested the men in power, for the little they gave up, women became their objects of sexual harassment, as their welcome to a less aggressive work environment, turned mental with unwanted advances  And all these years later, in the same lineage in some cases I suppose, the white men are still in power and will elevate the wrong man to the Supreme Court to hold on to it a little longer.

There was no way to compete, by going higher as Michelle Obama preached what she wanted her party to put into practice. But as history repeats – because we learn only enough from it to walk a different way for the moment –  so fire is now fighting fire.and even those who escape the blaze, will  still be burned because the bigger picture is what we see: a united America is a stronger America, not just for MAGA.  How do I know the solution exists? Because two of  the most trusted friends, are Trumpians. and White. Go figure.

We live in the United States, and Dodgeball is not for real So when we judge the velocity of our next throw, bare in mind, they are an opponent, but not the enemy… and dodgeball is a game of elimination.

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