2018 Democrat nominee
Beto O’Rourke, Texas US Senate Race


by Kendall F. Person
& special guest contributor Juanita Rodgers




WINNERS: (top) image ‘steel curves’ by Ricardo Gomez Angel (center left) Beto O’Rourke, Lebron James, (bottom left) Michael Cohen,US Justice Department, The Resistance


Beto O’Rourke

For a few moments, we were all Americans again and reminded, that not only does hope spring eternal, but we must become thinkers and imagine our way to a non divisive world. Perhaps it was a mirage, but Beto O’Rourke without shade or division or boasting of self, demonstrated what an all-inclusive, down for the nation US Senator of all the USA can do. But Texas must see it in their native son first.

Lebron James

Straight out of high school, he was the number one draft pick of the NBA. Married his high school sweetheart and by all accounts, is happily married till this very day. Captured his first title in Miami and then moved back home and delivered a championship to the home team in Cleveland. Takes the lead in activistism, as opposed to resting on his laurels and at only 33 years old, has amassed a fortune of nearly a half billion dollars, which he shares with the less fortunate by building a school with an imagined name: I Promise in Akron, Ohio. 

Michael Cohen

For somewhere around 15 years, he was a bully and a fixer and a fool of a man. An attorney with a family, who made the conscious decision to put his life up in support of one man.  And now, a confessed felon, with federal prison sentence to soon be served. But this story is not as much about Mr. Cohen, but for all of us. Do we believe in the power of redemption, that everyone is just as capable of turning from bad to good, from outlaw to a patriot, or a self-centered flunky to a beloved family man? Implicating his former boss, leaves no chance of a coveted pardon, so why are we challenged in believing, that he bought his soul back from the devil?

US Justice Department

Since the 2016 elections, the United States Justice Department has been under a public relations attack. A relentless barrage of vicious Presidential tweets, firings from the top down and hounded like the enemy. But the international humiliation on a shared stage in Helsinki, was a blow so low, that no one saw it coming.  And yet at the punishing congressional hearings, they held their heads high and testified without blinking. But it was – at last – US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who either corralled his courage or had enough of the nonsense, but when he tweeted back, it was not so much to join in a no-win, unnecessary fight to the finish, but to finally stand up for and deliver respect to the embattled members of the rank and file men and women.

“However, no nation has a more talented, more dedicated group of law enforcement investigators and prosecutors than the United States,” – Jeff Sessions 

The Resistance

From the moment the current administration was sworn in they were ruthless in implementing their campaign promises and plans. The Muslim Ban, the Trans Ban, the sons of bitches of the NFL, the alt-right, the nazis, the border crossing fiasco, the privatization of government land, all could have turned out very differently, if not for a steadfast resistance that never tired of rallying together.


Losers & Busters


A Draw

Revelations, Omarosa, Fox News, the Music Industry



The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up. – Revelations 8:7

During one of the hottest summers on record, not simply breaking but shattering all time heat records: 97.9 in Montreal, 105 in Denver, 111 in Los Angeles, and perhaps the hottest day in Africa’s history, when Algeria hit a dizzying 124. And all the while, the fires erupted, darkening out the famed California blue skies, burning 147 structures, down to the ground. And since climate change was thrown out by the USA, the only nation on planet earth to do so, water shortages and predictions that the fire season in California has yet to reach its peak, fall on deaf ears. But what screamed the loudest was the silence of the believers. For in the most unexpected twist of a fate, a once God-fearing political party, has placed their trust and fear in man.

Let the fires burn and Revelations be damned.


from… Omarosa and Donald Trump. If This Were a Different Story

If she were only able to redefine herself, after accepting a top government post, her cries of racism and government abuse, would not be filled with clouds of doubt. And using the race card of all things, in this intense racial climate we find ourselves in, would not have been even her last resort, let alone her first card thrown. For 15 years she has supported the same man, that she now denotes as racist, only because it benefits her.

But the story within the story, may prove more disheartening than the story itself, as an already divided nation has chosen sides, between the two all time champs in  vindictiveness, backstabbing, grifting and the gaslighting of America.

Fox News

Fox News has by accident or strategically chosen to play both sides. Through Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace and a surprising Neil Cavuto, along with the recent walkouts of a small stream of pundits and field reporters who have had enough, have somewhat changed the balance from the traditional propaganda and ‘state tv’, that has made Fox News, much watched viewing in the conservative political realm. But Harris Faulkner appears out of the loop, walking the high-wire completely blind. When the sexist and demeaning “You dog!” was tweeted at Omarosa, who had on a dime, publicly changed sides, Harris was on air and without a lead-in nor talking posts to guide her, she instantly supported the dog caller “I see it as free speech…” not realizing a host of party faithfuls and pundits from her own network, had seen the tweet as a bridge too far and shouted the “She’s a dog!” down, stating is was far beneath the dignity of the President of the United States.

Music Industry

All of the musical voices to choose from, to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin at the recent VMA’s, Madonna had to be the logical choice, only because of her big name. A long time Madonna fan, I have always been, but as of late she appears erratic and silly and doing her best to make everything all about her. Like during the MeToo movement, on the day after 45s  inauguration, threatening to blow up the White House, did nothing to support the movement, but rather delivered ammunition to the administration she was there to protest.

Sometimes even highly acclaimed artists can make a faux paus or misstep, but rarely do they come off as self-seekers of the moment, ironically by saluting herself instead of honoring the life of Aretha Franklin, she came across like the person she hates most; And the once young, hip MTV Video Music Awards seemed rickety and old and passed its prime.

But long live the Queen of Soul.




Chicagoland, CNN, Parents of Stolen Immigrant Children and Sarah Huckabee Sanders


by contributing writer Juanita Rodgers of Cortland, IL

The continual and seemingly non stop violence in Chicago, needs guidance. Chicago requires a bigger village, one where more are willing to reach in the neighborhoods where violence has taken a toll. Residents of the Windy City, fed up with the senseless shootings and hearing mothers cry in the dark. I think that those involved with such activity thrive off the fact that Chicago is known for gang warfare and violence, harketing back to the Al Capone days. So they possess the ‘I don’t care about your life’ syndrome, which dangerous and sad and no way to live. They know that nothing is going to be done so they continue with the violent behavior. They have the attitude that if you say something or look at me the wrong way you might get shot dead. Even those who are not violent will use the fact that they are from Chicago as a protective shell by saying, “I’m from Chicago so you don’t want to mess with me.”

Coming from a smaller city to the third largest in the nation, I too have to keep my “Bad Girl” face on, so I can blend in. I feel like if I look weak I am an easy target so I have to speak a language, that I don’t understand (if that makes sense). I have not lost hope, however and still believe in change. Remove the old leaders and replace them with fresh vibrant ones, is where we should start. I have always believed that people react positively, to those who actually have walked in their shoes. Not someone who sits behind a desk all day trying to figure out what to do. Knock on doors and ask the neighborhood people, “What can be done to end the violence and promote change?” Strengthen schools, creating jobs and connecting communities through communication and bonding through team activities is what I would say. It is not all gang related, but many have lost hope.

But if by chance the good people of Chicagoland are holding out that hope for the President to deliver on his campaign promise, “To end crime in Chicago within a week…” I pray they are not holding their breath. Since his inauguration in 2016, he has visited Illinois only once: a steel mill in Granite City, some 300 miles from Chicagoland.

Leadership not talk, can make the difference between life and death.


The other day, I forced myself to watch a 20 minute episode of Cuomo Prime Time on CNN arguing with White House advisor Kellyanne Conway. While I did respect Cuomo for not allowing Kellyanne to either ignore the question on the table or proceed on a lie. but that was all. Not only was nothing knew learned, but nothing of the banter between the two talking heads was worth anything at all, giving Kellyanne the win since it was Cuomo’s shows. I figured out some time ago, with their panels growing larger each day and the arguments becoming just as intense, and it became commonplace to see the CNN host, pick a fight when the other side was in agreement, while not fake news, nor was it news tv. But perhaps, the most disingenuous of it all, is that each panelist is paid to stand their ground, so common ground during any particular segment, has zero chance of being found.

Parents of Stolen Immigrant Children

Lemmings by force, if they ever wish to see their children again, they must jump through strange hoops and dance to a weirdo beat. If we did not want them in the country, why not just turn them away, rather than take their precious gifts away. The love of a parent is often an unconditional special kind, and the idea of never seeing them again or not knowing how they are being treated, is akin to being pushed off a cliff.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

I cannot image, that White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders was born a liar. But the longer she maintains her post, the more comfortable she has become in spewing venom and untruths before a live audience of millions of American people. But with so many in the administration jumping ship – through indictments, convictions, firing and resignations – if Sarah does not have her come to Jesus moment soon, she may find herself as the sole survivor long after the Trump era has gone. Because if her role is foreign to her, the nightmares that will invade her sleep will stay with her until the end of days.

this is… The Neighborhood 

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  1. First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Second, I believe the American people are strong and they will survive this horrible political storm. The problem is how much damage will be left behind. The ripples are being felt world wide. How long before the damage is irreversible?

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    • Thank you for the birthday wish, you are appreciated very much (big smile). And I agree with your words, I too worry that the ditch being dug is taken us to a point that may decades to dig our way out.

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