The Moral Compass of Making Love versus Sex for Sport

Sensual and beautiful;

Sex without love is a meaningless experience,
but as far as meaningless experiences go
its pretty damn good.– Woody Allen


The Moral Compass of Making Love Versus Sex for Sport
written & edited by Kendall F. Person

The loving couple jumped the broom, turned and faced their guests and were soon pronounced husband and wife (and where same sex unions are legal and recognized, an identical ritual applies). They laughed among friends and cried in the embrace of their family. Today was the happiest day of their life and the first day that they would spend the rest of eternity together. They were toasted by the best man and maid of honor, they danced together under the spotlight and when he carried her off, they made love under the moonlight.

Nieshy Nash

Television Star and the absolutely stunning Niecy Nash

Years later, they had still loved only one another, but to keep the flame alive, they began games of role play underneath the covers. She would dress as a french maid and he would sometimes play the role of sex slave. They would laugh and giggle after the explosion, and fall asleep deep in one another’s arms. They experimented with swinging, exchanging partners with other loving couples, all certified and tested, clean of all diseases. But no matter the feelings of ecstasy they found in the arms of another, no one could take the place of their one and only lover.

The idea of sexual relations is so varied among religions that it is virtually impossible to include an acceptable analogy under one cover. Even the concept of adultery is difficult to ponder, when some cultures allow for more than one wife, where in others, this is strictly forbidden. In most religions, all are called upon to obey the law of the land, but some laws, even for a loving homosexual relationship, calls upon death. Some churches believe that even sex among heterosexuals, is only for procreation. So would either of these categories fit, or is it sex simply for nature?

In the Cabin

In the Cabin by Mean Shadows

Using animal kingdom as a guide? Good luck. The most elegant of big cats, the cheetah, is a promiscuous lot, and have no idea who their baby daddy could be. The emperor penguin, however, mates for life, but even in their traditional courtship, it is the father that gives its life to protect the egg, the beginning of life. Hyenas are a matricidal clan, who not only relegate the males to second class citizens and to live as a separate bunch, but produce so much testosterone, their sex organs resemble and are as big as the male counterpart.  Bull elephants enter into a blind rage, mounting anything in their path to satisfy their natural urge.

The collegiate, passed the stage of peer pressure as a resort, has moved into age of experimentation, where many view sex as a sport. But even then, wrapped in the arms of embrace, there is a sense of love during the ritual of sex. A mother who engages in sex for pay, no other option to feed her kids. A lonely man who entertains himself, there are those who believe, that self-gratification is a sin and a segway to hell.

Sunset Silhouette Kiss

Sunset Silhouette Kiss by Alejandra Quiroz

In the end, the practice of consensual sex among adults is prone to individual feelings and emotions based on beliefs, education, upbringing and ultimately whether sex should be as sedate as love making between two married, hetersexual adults simply to procreate, or an outlet of expression, a release of energy and a personal choice?. The moral compass of making love versus sex for sport comes down to one very real thing: how do we feel when the act is over. Are we ashamed of what we did? Can we not look in the mirror at ourselves and do we want our partner, whom we have just shared our most intimate being, to stay around or simply disappear.

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  3. Humans are in a difficult situation: They evolved as (promiscuous) animals, but believe they are (monogamous) children of God, and – even if they don’t believe in God or if their God allows promiscuity – they have cultural and moral values. Humans feel love, jealousy, hurt, and they are vulnerable. That’s the big difference between us and other animals. We are able to make love – and that makes sex for sports so complicated.

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  4. Enjoyed reading this. Justified what i have been saying for a while. Most importantly you made good note of the downfalls of sex for sport.


  5. Kendall, I’m going to take some distinct exceptions to your premise. The neighborhood may or may not agree with me but I’m not trying to be hostile, I just want to point out some things that don’t really support the premise of, “if it feels good do it.” Your conclusion that a moral compass “comes down to one very real thing, how do we feel when the act is over” is not a compass at all. When a compass is lined up properly oriented, it points to true north. As you describe a compass, it points to whatever someone feels and that differs from person to person.

    Also, in comparison to the animal kingdom, the premise is that since nature is so varied, varied human activity is just natural. That’s not a valid comparison. Animals do not engage in sex for sport, you don’t see male cheetahs drinking martinis and checking out the lady cheetahs on weekends. Chimpanzees don’t put on leather and use whips to accentuate their sex lives.

    The gift of sex is one of the most precious we have been given–it’s the gift of life itself– and humans commoditize it and degrade the gift with the idea that it only depends on how people feel. There is a very real difference been the subjectively satisfying and the objectively valuable.

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  6. Who we love, as long as it’s legal, is our business. I don’t necessarily agree with switching and sharing partners but if others do it then that’s on them, I wouldn’t look down on them either way. What a consenting adult does in the bedroom, and in private, is their business and no one else’s. Personally, I’m at the age where I don’t have time to have multiple partners and I want the real thing with one so….

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