Break Bread

“We should look for someone to eat
and drink with, before looking for
something to eat and drink…” – Epicurus


Rag’n’Bone Man
w/ Human


Break Bread. Have a conversation over a meal or engage in dialogue with an open mind. 

by Kendall F. Person

Black Protester Hugs Nazi

Black protester hugs nazi at anti-white supremacist rally “Why you hate me bro?”(Mirror)

Did you know that the Aloe Vera plant contains various compounds that reduce inflammation, swelling, redness, pain and itching; And that the dandelion is a nutritious healing herb that stimulates the flow of bile and enhances the body’s ability to eliminate toxins. Did you know, that the beautiful smell of the lavender plant is used as a sedative to restore calm and relieve tension? Did you know, the male Emperor Penguin of Antarctica, will fast for over 3 months, and brave the longest, coldest, darkest winter on earth to assure the survival of its species? Did you know there is more than a 30 year gap between the longest and shortest life expectancy rates among nations?

Ice Hugs Hispanic Girl

Federal Agent Delivers Toys to Needy Children (Seattle Times)

Did you know it was three years after the Wright Brothers‘, first aviation success – the glider – countless tests and redesigns, and hours of thought and frustration, before arriving at the Wright Flyer, the world’s first practical aircraft? Did you know, that for a vast many problems that exists within a country’s borders, another nation has developed a solution or at least a method to cope?

Did you know, when you select a career as a public servant, actions that you take and  decisions that you make have effects, far beyond your tenure. When we hope our leaders fail, do we understand the consequences affect us as well? Do we cast our vote in spite of ourselves, to elect a candidate who serves, not the people, but only himself? Do we stand by a long term affiliation, regardless if that decision harms the greater nation?

The Florida Kids

The Florida kids speak out and forge change. (Journal Sentinel)

Do you believe, that people who spend their lives looking for a handout are the exception and not the rule? And that most people will work hard all of their lives at their jobs or raising a family or building a business or pursuing happiness. Rather they succeed or fail is not relevant to this point, only that they sometimes need a hand? Have you wondered how easy it is to tell someone else how to live their life, and how difficult it is to take our own advice?

Former Nazi and Black Parole Officer

Parole Officer and the Parole Agent he credits to changing his life become unlikely friends. (ABC News)

Do you think, most prisoners are remorseful for what they have done, and that many of the wealthy take pleasure in giving, and the wise believe, it to be their duty to teach, and the gifted are honored to share of themselves, and the peaceful will not rest until we all know how it feels, and the caring feel at ease when they do for someone else, and the loving are at their best when they are spreading the wealth, and the righteous refuse to be placed on a pedestal?

Metoo male suppoter

Man hugs and supports a woman at a Metoo event. (NBC News)

And the weak will always depend on the strong. And the sick should be healed if there has been a cure all along. And the poor in every country will never go away.

Does it matter how we analyze the glass – half full or half empty – if it yields the same amount? Is there a right or wrong  way in playing the game of life?

It is a daily choice we make, the direction and speed in our pursuit of meaning. Do we expand our minds by attempting to listen to the other side? Do we breathe before we tweet or is it ugly that we seek? Do we inspire great things in ourselves and others or are we comfortable in expanding the misery bubble? Much to consider, but one thing is certain, alone we lack the knowledge to make inspiring decisions, that benefit more than ourselves. But together, we can break down the lines of division, disconnect from untruths and myths. We can imagine a great future or start with a less visceral tomorrow, and all it requires is the breaking of bread.

Can 2020 gain control before history repeats
itself, allowing the Old World to destroy them all?

The Strawman and the Crow

The Strawman and the Crow

The Strawman and the Crow (click image and enter the world of 2020, Acts 1 – 4)

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  1. These are questions we NEED to be discussing. We have the power to fix all the problems of the world IF we can work together. But do we have the will?

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