The Children

Prologue: 2020
Act 1: The Infiltration
Act 2: Intent vs Impact
Act 3: The Arrival

“Children must be taught how
to think, not what to think.”
― Margaret Mead


the children react to the arrival
With neither pomp nor circumstance, 2020 and the old world, had met. Instructed by their mother to stay hidden till the returned of their father, she spoke to her brood of five, but made Range promise. When their parents did not return, Virgil the eldest, began a search for their Dad. Lala stayed with LaQuan and Rena, maintained vigil and kept the youngsters hidden. Range, the middle son, stood erect and pondered his choice. Keep a promise to his mother of which he had never broken, or become the man he felt inside?

Lala knew that Range could not sit idle, with things falling from sky, and no word from either. Uneasy still she was, not from his breaking camp, but of the promise that lie in tatters.




prologue: the good son*
She knew her son was bad, in fact rotten to the bone. A menace to society, a rising sociopath. But Henry was her son, who she maintained to love, so she pretended not to notice. Then one day, on her best friend’s death bed, she made a promise to take care of her son and raise him like her own. Mark was a broken spirit; a young boy in desperate need of a mother’s kind of love. About the same age, Henry and Mark could have become brothers, creating a bond like the one between his Mother and her new son. But Henry became more bitter and like a cauldron he would seethe. As his anger boiled over, he unraveled until completely unhinged was he. Mark was the first to openly discuss the madness, bearing witness to Henry’s violent behavior, but the adults simply gave no credence. The differences between brothers, with no love or history between them, soon evolved into a dark hole of mistrust, and a battle of good versus evil, began to consume them both. One day that battle did see their young lives, hanging by a thread, holding on for dear life.

The mother discovered their dire straits and both she did try to save. Mark was a good kid, just like a son, and Henry was. Time running out, an unfair decision, but one she was forced into making. What would you do, who would you save, if you could only save one?


The Strawman and The Crow
Act 4: The Children 
by Kendall F. Person


this is… The Neighborhood
Up Next Act 5: The Sky Tells Lies

*The Good Son (1993)



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